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Monday, March 31, 2008

Merepek n merapu (tkde idea for the title!)

Yeay! This weekend I got more wishes hahah.. got another cute mug Lembu form Dgon plak this time and a dinosaur keychain hehe.. Then my housemate gave me a diary (?) Adeh! Nak wat pe ngan diary.. never kept a diary my whole life but thanx anyway to Rusya :) Nnt akak wat la buku ape²..

So Saturday I went to Dgon's with Rusya and we watched the midnight showing of L Change The World. Dulu first heard about Death Note from Pojie and though the way he told me about the anime was interesting, I didn't exactly feel like going out to find a few episodes for my own viewing. Then bile tanye kat Ikram, upenye dia and Adi dah lame gak ikut citer tu.. hahah, Ayu sungguh ketinggalan, tp tak kisah la :) I still haven't watched the series, setakat tgk yang movie punye je but I like all three instalments, wpun citer L tu cam dah lari skit la..

Dgon is gonna go back to Pahang by early April so I didn't know what to buy for her birthday (watching L was actually our way of celebrating her birthday since Dgon is someone whom I think should've been born in Japan by the way she's 'obsessed' with anything Japanese hehe..). Walking around Parit Buntar, I remembered when we went to this fabric shop and she was looking at this beautiful piece of cloth while telling me that her sister had already told her about their 'raya theme' this year but she was afraid if she couldn't afford to buy anything since she was quitting her job.. so, the most simple thing I could think of was to buy the cloth she was admiring and I'm glad she liked it..

Thing is, some people say, giving a cloth to someone is not advisable as old folks tale say that it means you'll be separated from that person in the future. Hmm, alang² Dgon mmg nak pindah pun kan, bagi je laaaa.. tul tak? Heheh..

Hmm, talking about fabric.. Ana (Dgon's sister) works at this shop at Carrefour that sells fabric and hijab. We went there before going to Sunway Carnival for our movie and while looking through the various things on sale (I had a feeling my housemate was hooked on this songket-like fabric.. and I was right as yesterday she went back there to buy it hehe..), it suddenly occured to me yang diriku sudah lame tidak mem'pamper' myself.. so anyone going to Terengganu, please tell me. I wanna buy a sutera Terengganu for myself.. and of course la I'll pay for it! So please, anyone.. sape nak gi, bgtau la ye :)

Hmm.. sbnrnye kinda feeling a bit melancholic here so I'd better dash. See ya ;)

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