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Monday, March 24, 2008

A little bit of this and that..

Yesterday I went to see Baizurah's newborn son. Muhammad Aqil Irfan.. hmm, dah tak jadi buh name Adam ke, Sentot? Heheh..

I have his picture but today blogger cam susah jek nak attach gambo so will post it nnt lah ye.. Baizurah doesn't look like a mother though hehe.. :p Cam kakak baby tu je, bukan cam mak dia heheh.. But still, congrats to you :) Mcm tak sangke je budak yg suke tarik tudung saya time sekolah dulu dah jadi mak :) :) :)

On Saturday, I had a conversation with one of my students, Nusaibah.

Nusaibah: Teacher, hari tu saya nampak teacher kat traffic light!
Me: Ooo.. (while thinking, nape nye?)
Nusaibah: Mase tu saya ngan mak ayah saya, diorg pun nampak teacher..
Me: *smiling while still wondering where the coversation was headed to*
Nusaibah: Ayah saya tanye, teacher memang suke joget ek dalam keter?

Aiyak!! Ape ni..

Sheesh! They must've caught me singing in the car.. and since my current favourite song is With You by Chris Brown (I keep repeating it in the car hahah..), and you know that song is quite catchy (ye ke?), they must've seen me singing that song.

Yeah, I had to give a 'saya-malu' smile at Nusaibah while my other students questioned her on 'camne rupe cikgu mase tu'.. cisss, sungguh malu! But I was laughing inside hahahah..


Today is only the 24th of March but believe it or not, I've already received 4 birthday wishes from last Friday lagi hahaha..

First one bleh dimaafkan, from Jida. She was on her way back from Lumut so singgah sini jap and ajak minum² kat Riyas. Then she gave me my very first birthday present for this year yg ade rupe ala² bende beli kat gift shop Lumut/Pangkor heheh.. Penuh seashells heheh..

Second one yg paling tak tahan. I just got back from my tuition class on Saturday night, then went out with Winnie and Fared to get something to eat before sending Fared to the bus station so sangat lambat lah balik rumah. Around 12am tu baru abis mandi n nak solat. Mid way through my prayers, dengar la bunyi phone. 2 kali jugak kot klau tak silap n risau jugak ingt emergency ape. Turned out it was Pojie so I called him back la tanye nape..

And he suprised me by wishing happy birthday.. yang telah manjadikan diriku konpius kerane birthday ku belum tibe lagi hahahahah!

Third one from Izham a.k.a Chique Am. Yesterday while at Baizurah's, my phone shut off itself becoz the usual reason of me not checking to see my battery level before I went out. Then I went home and stayed till 11.30pm before heading back to Nibong Tebal. As I arrived home, I quickly charged my phone and switched it on, resulting it in having a stream of messages coming in. One of them was from Chik Am wishing me a happy birthday (it was 12.30am when I arrived home) and promising that he'd give me my card later.

I had to laugh as, you guessed it, its still NOT my birthday yet hahahah!

Forth one was just now, tetibe Puga wished me happy birthday.. alaaa, nape sumer org salah hari nii??


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