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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring cleaning my blog hehe..

Hmm.. lame dah tak update. Nearly two weeks, huh? Sgt la busy the past few weeks.. byk bende kene settle before..

Anyway, the past two week jugak la we went to Penang to help Younes (tipuuu.. 'help' mende! Dapat upah RM100 sehari tu yg nak tolong tu, klau tak, jgn harap! Hehe..) with his data. Ok la gak, 4 days.. mate pun dah ade tande RM hahah.. Had to go on all bus routes of Rapid Penang. Naik a round trip, get data of all loading and unloading passengers then mase dia berenti la ape la.. dunno what he's gonna do with the data, cam tak nmpk je the outcome (Hahah.. Ayu yg tak pandai sebenarnye!)

Still, a bit risau gak mule tu. Just a week before, all drivers of Rapid Penang were on strike. So they were a bit wary in cooperating with us at first but after we expained, diorg ok la jugak.. Then, the next week, they started to question us even more. I was even 'locked' in the bus with the driver when he persisted that I answer him truthfully.. gile takut time tu! Then lepas baru tahu, the previous week, Ramadhan (he didn't go the next week, sbb tu dia wat hal) told those drivers that we were sending the data to their HQ. Gile nye marah kat Ramadhan. Dah tau it was a sensitive issue to them, gi acah² diorg nape.. last² me and kak Sue yg kene question..

But very penat la.. dah lame tak naik bas satu hal. Then kene naik the same bus, same route, 3 times the whole day.. b.o.s.a.n! Still, my PhD nye data nnt laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagi bosan.. sape la nak tolong nanti.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

On a happier note, Sentot dah nak bersalin in a few days(?) or weeks(?) Baizurah, suh baby awak tunggu ujung bulan ni la.. bg same ngan KAK AYU dia!! Heheh.. Got a text message from her, tak sabaq nak bersalin, tp takut nak bersalin la apa laaaaaa.. Soraya dah 2 kali maaaa (and Ayu blum lagi hahaha..)

After that she'd be moving to her own pad in Sg Ara.. yeay!!!! W/pun sedikit kecewe when she asked me, "Ayu, Sg Ara tu ada wet market tak?" Cittt, menghine tempat ku membesar :p

Then had a chat with Shahnaz a few days ago. Hahah, her calls membuatku gerun! You see, in AlMashoor, we only had one science class with the minority of students in there. Shahnaz was in another class but we loved her company. She's one girl whom I'll always see as a leader :)

Nway, she once contacted me just to ask, "Ayu, aku xpaham la sbb apa rocket naik tak straight? Ataupun dia straight pastu turn ke destination? Sbb apa kena pusing bumi byk kali?".. which left me speechless hahaha.. I mean, aiyoooo Shahnaz, form 5 physics isn't actually rocket science and bayangkan Ayu sendiri pun tatau dia straight tak straight ke, pusing 10 kali ke hahah.. terpakse mengaku ngan humble nye, I tgk 'abg Mus' jadik astronaut je.. tak tgk rocket dia pun hahaha..

Then another time, she called asking me, when a boy plays football, what kind of energy does he use? Kinetics? Mende tah tenage ape lagi.. dah Ayu nganga lagi.. Adeh! Awak buat saya rase bodoh la Shahnaz heheh..

So when the phone rang again, Ayu memandang phone dengan rase gerun sambil berfikir, "Soklan pe plak la si Shahnaz ni nak tanye?"

Turns out, she was searching for a tutor.. fuh! Lege heheh..

Shahnaz.. Shahnaz.. saya akan jadik tua dengan lebih awal klau awak asyik takutkan saya camni :D

Ok la.. got work to do.. Uhhh, penat la bile byk bende kene prepare ye.. lagpiun sbnrnye takde idea nak bebel dah heheh.. chiow!

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