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Friday, April 13, 2007

Not again?!!?!

The past few days have seen me awake till 5.00am haha..

Yaaaaahhhh, not again, huh?

Trust me, I didn't actually wanna watch it, but somehow, for the first night, I just couldn't sleep. Now, every morning I head off to Butterworth for data collection regarding the project I'm attached to now. Knowing I'd have to wake up early, I usually make sure I sleep the latest at 1am.. but somehow, this wasn't the case for the past days.

First, I was feeling a bit troubled after realizing something on the net.. ok, not really something, but quite a bit of things.. I felt as if something I've been used to was about to disappear and the worry freak in me kept me awake. Then, I realized it was nearly 2am. I had been in front of the tube since 12.30am, and had watched Martha Stewart too haha..

Then I remembered, there were two matches tonight (Tuesday night, Wednesday morning).. The Man U vs Roma and Chelsea vs Valencia. It has actually been a long time since I had watched a match anyway, the last time during the final of the World Cup. I wasn't actually a fan of football but a friend had somehow blinded me in thinking it was fun which unbelievably I had fell for haha.. and I DIDN'T miss a match for the final 8 or so matches!

Its not that I didn't watch much after that, but somehow, the 'spark' had gone haha.. besides, most games were on Astro so I'd only watch them when going for sahur or whatever at the mamak.. and still, the last time I watched, I was too far away to see the ball and ended up squinting just to understand what was happening :p

However, as I was flipping through the channels, I had noticed that all four Media Prima channels were commentating (Ayu tipuuuu.. dia dah tengok tv programs kat NST pagi tuuuu.. ni mesti case subconsciously nak tengok ni hahah..) on the games. Then I saw Ross! He was my favourite DJ when was in and I was pleasantly suprised when he moved to as at that time, I had outgrown Hitz hehe.. I liked hearing him talk about football even if I didn't understand it but his enthusiasm was contagious and you just HAD to listen.

When I realized he would be commentating on the Man U vs Roma game, I decided, well, a peek of it wouldn't hurt, would it? *Ayu, do you seriously believe THIS is reason you watched? Haha..*

When the game started, I watched for a few minutes before remembering I had some unfolded laundry. As I stood up to go to my room to get the just washed clothes, I heard excited shouts. Shoot! I missed the first goal!!!

After that, I refused to budge haha.. the third goal made me quite excited till I forgot what I was worried about and promptly smsed the friend as the minute and seconds of the goal coincided with this friend's birthday (yeah! And I missed the goal as I was looking at the minutes for the game).. And scored by Rooney, whose jersey number for England was the same as this friend.. haha, I call that a pure lucky day for my friend who's a big fan of MU and England. Turned out, it wasn't far from the truth :)

Then I realized I wasn't a bit sleepy haha.. maybe the goals festival kept me awake. Yeah, I don't watch THAT much matches but this was one match that kept me feeling that if I went to sleep, I might miss something exciting.. and this is from someone who doesn't know much about football, ok!

..and this must be the most goals I've seen in one match (mind you, I haven't watched a lot of matches too!)

I went asleep that morning quite happily. One was for the game a unknowledgable me would say was quite good, the other was because, for a while, I managed to convince myself that my worry earlier was for nothing..

However, the next day I spent most part of the morning in the musolla at Butterworth Container Terminal sleeping hehe..

That night, once again I couldn't sleep and once again I found myself trailing Ross for the AC Milan vs Bayern Munich game. Hahah, talk about getting hooked on staying up. I was a bit sleepy actually, but since the goals were in the first half, it motivated me to watch it till the end, just in case yesterday's sorta miracle happened again :D

Anyway, I'm not a sportscaster like my friend, so don't ask me about the game.. but somehow, I enjoyed it :) Wasn't the least bit sleepy in fact.. Maybe because of the fact that Ross kept repeating that Bayern Munich have never lost a home game since November 2004 that made me wanna see if it really would happen that way (which all of us know, DIDN'T hehe.. 2 nil.. a bit embarassing for them maybe!).. or maybe because on AC Milan's side there was the abg kembo of a dear friend. I had really missed on watching Nesta (after being a bit curious about him for weeks) on the field as, when I had started watching the World Cup, he was more on the benches than on the field due to injuries so I guess another reason was because I wanted to see him (though most of them time I saw him on the ground la hehe..).. Hmm.. guess I did enjoy those two stay-up nights :p~

Well, I hope this is just a one-time obsession. Glad next week there won't be any of these matches on 'normal' tv.. at least I could get some sleep. And I'm crossing my fingers that the feeling of wanting to watch another match would cool down by the time for the semi finals.. or I'm gonna hafta go through this again.. :p

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