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Monday, April 23, 2007

I've been tagged.. again? I mean seriously.. again?

Hehe.. opened my Yahoo! 360 just now and realized that Ana, Adi's girlfriend, had tagged me. Now, its been a long time since I've played with this tag-thingey so I thought, "What the heck?" hehe.. at least I could put up a new entry in my blog here.. so here goes :)

Favourite Colour: Blue and pink.. I've forgotten how much I loved pink until my friend reminded me haha.. Then I realized, most of my things ARE pink anyway so I guess, I never really stopped liking pink, even if my teenage years was spent in 'worshipping' the colour blue :)

Favourite Food: McDonalds.. That's where I wanna be :)

Favourite Movie: Aiseyyy.. too many laa! But currently love watching Serendipity la kot.. nope! Ghost kot.. erkkk, nope gak.. Aiyak!! Too many la, can't say which is my favourite..

Favourite Sport: Can 'guling²' on the bed be considered as sport? Oh ye, I also love 'movie marathons' heheh.. Sport gak kan?

Favourite Day Of The Week: SUNDAY! Takde tuition heheh.. not that I hate teaching, I LOVE teaching. Its just that some days I'm tired of being called 'teacher' all the time.. Hmm, that doesn't sound right.. lets just say, its the only day I don't hafta think of teaching hehe.. Right now, though I've taught for 4 years, I'm still getting used to being called 'teacher' and 'cikgu' by some parents I meet in town or the shopkeepers from shpos near the tuition centre

Favourite Ice Cream: Vanilla flavoured, so any cone with vanilla ice-cream is okay with me :) And McDonalds Vanilla ice cream is one of the best.. especially with the gooey chocolate fudge.. yummy!

Favourite TV Shows: Hmm.. been watching a lot of tv now, but can't really say which is my favourite.. besides Prison Break la kot (even Prison Break pun dah macam kurang skit semangat nak tengok.. dunno why..) Hmm, also, just realized NTV is doing CSI marathons on Mondays (how come I'm always the last to know?) so for CSI buffs like me, who are non-subscribers of ASTRO (Eheeeem.. ehemm.. iyeee, saya tak subscribe Astro :p), this is a great excuse to plonk myself in front of the tube every Mondays, starting tomorrow lah :)

Current Mood: Worried about finances and about what I should do after this (PhD or work ah?).. and a bit melancholic too, I guess, but not saying why :p

Current Taste: Sweet! Just ate Cadbury's cookie.. you know the one covered in chocolate? Hmmmm, nice!

Current Clothes: Favourite comfortable tracks, Disney's Violet Incredible t-shirt, pink hijab, chunky black bracelet (I love this one, coz its kinda unique, with pink flowers IN the black beads), and blue 'slipper toilet' hehe.. c'mon, its not as if anyone's gonna see me :p

Current Desktop: My sister, Annisa, eating her birthday cake.. love her :)

Current Toenail Color: I don't colour my nails..

Current Time: 12.07am

Current Annoyance: That I have to go to Butterworth EVERYDAY now, taking care of this 'manja' equipment which couldn't be left on its own while I get bored to my wits without anything to entertain me. Then having to face people who belittle woman(?) who have education esp. in engineering ("Girls shouldn't take up engineering bla.. blaa".. shut your mouth la before I smack you with my 'manja' equipment!). Then knowing that I've been logging around TWO pieces of 'manja' equipment valued RM25 000 each WITHOUT insurance!!!! What was my 'boss' thinking????

Current Thoughts: *sigh* I think of it too much, I guess.. Don't think I wanna share that though.. sorry!

First Best Friend: Noor Soraya Ahyauddin.. :) We were in the same class for the whole of primary school, and she bailed me outta embarrassment in front of the class in standard 2 (Yeah! Still stupid in standard 2, huh? Hehe..) by urgently whispering to me that Abah worked as a lecturer, and NOT a 'plant doctor' as he had told me when I had asked him why didn'the have a clinic when he has 'Dr' in front of his name! She also gave me her extra 'pembilang' when Abah refused to buy me one as he believed I'd be better off without one.. even when he knew I was in trouble because I didn't have one, but bless Cikgu Noerida who must've understood Abah enough to not scold me when I didn't bring one, when other students got a smart reprimanding when they didn't bring in theirs.. And along with Adam, Alfy and Ilah, we (me and Soraya) shared our love of books.. till now I guess :)

First Crush: A pot-bellied boy named Mark or James or something.. Haha, okay la, not pot bellied la, but full of baby fat! Hey, we were still 5! I still think he's cute though :)

First Movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!!! (in the sing-song voice of the cartoon hehe.. only those who watched the cartoon before would know how to sing that part) Not the current one, but the one a few (few ke haha..) years back. Went with Abah, Iwan, Adi and Ikram kot.. Mama was pregnant so Abah took us out.. a first for him actually! In fact, I was surprised he wanted to spend time with us without Mama because he usually left the 'taking care of the kids' to Mama hehe..

First Lie: Hmm.. can't remember hahaha.. seriously! But that doesn't mean I'm good enough to NOT lie at all heheh.. Hmmm, must be the time I was small, around 4 I think, and was playing with baby talcum in my room, mixing it up with water while pretending I was making pastries when Mama came in the room and asked me what I was doing.. which prompt me to lie and say I was reading. Hey! I started reading when I was 2, so it was a believable lie :p~ Especially when I had my Strawberry Shortcake book in front of me hehe..

First Music: Wham! Hehe.. Careless Whisper and Last Christmas were my favourite songs back then.. haaaa! Another one, Sister's Sledge punye song "Hey! Frankie".. my siblings might remember that song. A few months ago, found that song on RadioBlog and kept listening to it hehe.. just wish I had the MP3 though coz I really loved that song dulu.. P/S to Adi, you ade tak lagu tu? I noticed you wrote that song in your tag entry maaa..

Last Cigarette: Marlboro.. and 'dah lame dah tak isap' hahahah.. This is actually someone else's answer *wink²* HAAAA!! ADI, JGN NAK KUTUK! YOU KNOW I DON'T SMOKE.. :p I always have this over imaginative feeling whenever I'm near people smoking. I imagine the smoke making my lungs black and all that. I told that to my cousin, abg Sher, who smokes just as much as Adi and this resulted in me having to endure him smoking even closer to me, just to annoy me.. cess!! But last cigarette huh? When I hid Adi's cigarette pouch heheh.. NO! Didn't smoke it, but managed to hold on to it for about 5 minutes before I took it back hehe..

Last Drink: Dragon fruit juice bought at 7-11.. delicious!

Last Car Ride: Just now, when coming to school here..

Last Crush: MBC haha.. My Big Crush who's a lecturer here.. though I haven't really thought of him for a long time :D VERY long time!

Last Phone Call: Helmi.. telling me he had arrived at kak Ina's nasik lemak stall and telling me to hurry up haha..

Last CD Played: My own mix-n-match cd, with Chris Daughtry's "Its Not Over" being played repeatedly.. love that song! Btw, who's got Bowling for Soup's "When we die"? I've been searching high and lo for that song but haven't got it yet.. :(

Have you ever dated one of your bestfriends: Nope.. didn't even cross my mind to wanna date them.. errkk, maybe one la hehe.. but nope, never!

Have you ever broken the law: I'm the 'skema' type of girl la.. I don't remember breaking any rules though I don't think I'm THAT goody two shoes.. hey wait! I've driven my car over the speed limit quite a few times though, complete with summons hehe..

Have you ever been arrested: Wohhhhhoooww! NEVER laaaa.. and don't wanna either!

Have you ever skinny dipped: YEAH!!! Hahah, but only in the bath tub at home with Iwan and Adi when we were smaller.. Even have picture of it which I hide from visitors now haha.. Still remember how Azren always tried to find that picture just to laugh at me, that boy is just exasperating! At Iwan and Adi he didn't laugh pulak X(

Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: No! But I remember when I was smaller, around 7 or 8 maybe. Went to Abah's friend's house for Chinese New Year. Then the son tu maybe same age as me kept holding my hand. Hey, even at 7, I was embarressed while the mothers 'ooohhh'ed and 'aaahhh'ed saying 'How cute!' at us. Then just as the parents were watching, he kissed me.. cetttt!! Kecik² lagi dah pandai sexual harrassment hahah.. but to my dismay, the parents thought it was super-cute.. yeah! And no support from my own parents jugak who also thought it was adorable.. huh!!

Heheh.. okay, so who should I tag?

Hahah.. I know its a bit childish, but hey, there's a 5-year-old in each and everyone of us, right? So let see.. Hmmm, Aznor, Ayeen, Pojie, Sentot, Soraya, Jida, Yuhyi, Nomi, Paijah, Yun, Ina Mukhtar and Jai .. hmmm, should that be enough? :p~

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