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Sunday, April 15, 2007

My sister is 2!! :)

My sister has turned 2 :):):)

Aiyak! Ikram would be mad if he knew I write about Annisa's birthday and don't write about his when their birthdays are just 11 days apart hehe.. Well, for Ikram's birthday, I had planned to write along with an entry for Ami's wedding too.. but I haven't got the time to even start about it..

To just to recap Ikram's birthday on April Fool's day: I had smsed him at midnight and all at once he demanded Gundam (whatever is that?). He had wanted to cook something for me haha.. quite a change for what always happened when he was smaller. He always wanted pizza for his birthday, bless him! And he'd help making it too.. I liked it when he helped as he made it enjoyable.. well, this was before he went into the rebellious stage. He'd always thank me for the pizza, forgetting he had helped A LOT in making it too. Yep, thats my brother :)

Anyway, he had planned to make me bihun with peanut paste (?). Don't ask what is it, I dunno hehe.. guess he's just like me and Adi, always experimenting with things from the fridge while the rest of the family would just have to swallow whatever it turned out as hehe.. However, since Ami had called Mama, practically begging her to go to her kenduri on the same day, Ikram cancelled the cooking session as he himself wanted to go to 'kenduri kak Ami'..

*One thing I love about my friends, they take my siblings as their own brothers and sister. Like Ikram, he's sangat manja with Bart.. and always asks about Ami.. they're like his other older sister :)*

So thats basically what happened on his birthday hehe..

Anyway, for Annisa's birthday, I dunno why Umi wanted to make it extra special this year as last year we only had a quiet celebration. Maybe it was because Annisa is about to get an adik so she didn't want Annisa feeling left out once the baby comes, maybe..

I had work in Butterworth for the whole office hours so I only managed to go to Tasek Gelugor after 4pm. The party was at 5pm anyway so I went to pray at Abah's place first before heading to Annisa's babysitter's house for the party.

On the way, since I didn't have time to go buy her anything, (plus the thought that I'd wait until Izati came hame then we'd 'kidnap' Annisa and have a sisters day out) I stopped at Petronas near BKE to buy a card and balloons.. glad I did! Kids love balloons and my sister here is still a kid who, yeah, loves balloons hehe..

After praying, we headed off to the babysitter's house. I was greeted by Annisa (who has quite a short term memory and was confused when she saw me.. cettt!!!) who was wearing a pink dress with a pink handbag which she promptly offered to exchanged with my pink bag haha..

She didn't quite understand what the party was for and refused to blow out the candles, much to my amusement as she usually loves it when she see's people using mathces.

There were a lot of food prepared by Umi and Tok Pah (the baby sitter). Gado² Indonesian style, bakso, mee/beehun sup, fries, chicken nuggets.. yeah, sounds like not much, but believe me, it was A LOT. They had bought Secret Recipe's Black Forest which I had actually disliked before but found out that the taste had improved since the last time I ate it. For drinks, a punch was made, consisting of milk with bananas and minced nangka (Abah punye keje lah ni..) which, though quite sweet, was interesting as I never thought tropical fruits punch could taste alright hehe..

All in all, I'll say that Umi enjoyed it more hehe.. Annisa was indifferent to her surroundings and was only laughing when she got her balloon and when I helped her open up her presents. She was especially delighted with a doll someone gave her and started combing the doll's hair.

Everyone laughed saying she liked the doll's hair coz she herself doesn't have much hair hehe.. but like I always say: Adik kak Yong! I, myself, didn't have much hair when I was her age, but look at my hair now. Not only do I have a thick volume of hair, it grows quite fast too as I had just cut it above my shoulder last December but now I can already manage a moderate sized bun under my tudung.. so Annisa, patience lil' sis, your hair would be just like mine hehe..

Anyway, by the time we had opened all present, I realized it was already 6.30pm and I had to rush back for my class in Bagan Serai at 8pm.
Quickly kissing the birthday girl, then salam with my parents and the other guest, I headed off back here (could I call this home?).. with my tummy full and content indeed :)

And to Annisa, Happy Birthday, gal!! Kak Yong loves you a lot :):):)

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