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Monday, April 09, 2007

A lesson learnt..

Today I learnt that when the local cinema says "Do NOT bring outside food and drinks", you probably should obey it..

..especially if its an almost melted chocolate ice-cream cone.

..and also if you're wearing your favourite worn-out beige coloured jeans.

..along with a cream coloured tudung.

..and particularly if its the old type of cinema where it gets pitch dark when the movie starts.

..when you know you're gonna hafta open the wrapping in the dark.

..and you didn't bring any extra tissues along.

..nor does your handphone.. or your friend's handphone bright enough to aid your sight.

..nor do you have any bottled plain water to wet your sticky finger.

..and all this happened at the beginning of the two-hour movie!

Sheesh! Luckily, some particular friends weren't present or they'd have a good laugh at proving that I'll always be clumsy and comot at almost anytime of the day haha..

Today, I also learnt that if one day you meet some one and instinct tells you, "Hey, this person could be a kindred spirit, a great kinda friend.. someone I could tell my secrets. And who'd never hurt me even if they know the VERY THING's that could hurt me! Yep, I'm gonna trust this person with all that!!"..


Coz that's the very thing that person would do! Unintentionally is different, but intentionally when they know that it could hurt you.. that sucks, man! Cuts deep!!! Hurts to the extent you can't differentiate between a sincere or cynical question.. and makes you question your choice in people you put your trust in..

Please God, help me to NOT make that mistake again.. :'(

..yeah, the same goes to the ice cream mistake too! Hehe..

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