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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Notice Board Dilemma

*Heavy sigh*

Our society has been asking for our own notice board eversince forever. However, it had seemed that NO ONE was gonna listen to us until we had this workshop going on, and since the school wanted the notice board to look like it was being used, we were asked to fill it up.. finally! After a few suggestions thrown here and there, one of us volunteered to be in charge of it and promised to give us the most spectacular notice board ever in the history of PPKA haha.. Well, we didn't really expect a GRAND one, a normal acceptable one was enough but his words kinda rubbed the wrong way with a few of us. Me? I was thankful I wasn't put it charge of it so I welcomed anyone who'd wanna do it voluntarily..

However, it came with a condition that he wasn't to be bothered with the workshop so we readily agreed.. as long as we didn't hafta do the notice board. I'm already sick of notice boards eversince my school days hehe..

Come Monday, I had woken up late and only arrived at the school around 10.30am. As I arrived, the first question abg Fadzil asked me was if I had seen the postgrads notice board. Feeling a bit ashamed (I had assumed the committee member in charge had done his job well and abg Fadzil wanted us to notice it), I admitted that I hadn't and quickly went out to see it. However, I was a bit surprised to see it.. it was.. you know.. like.. in one word: EMPTY!

I only saw this WHITE board with ribbons there were already falling off, and charts that were crooked and all that. I was like: Oooo-kay! I have to admit here, I don't have any esthetic consciousness (the reason I HATE being put in this kinda committee) and at first, I thought I was the only one who was 'uncomfortable' with the notice board..

When I went back in the room, most committee members had complained of it. Aiyak! Why complain to me maaa? Then, the 'higher posts' of the association decided to do a make-over for the board and since it was assumed that I didn't have anything to do, me and Farah were asked to do it. I tried to call the person responsible, just to inform him of what was happening but he told me he was not feeling well, and in my haste in trying to ask him if he was okay, I forgot about informing him.

That night, me and Dgon stayed up till 2am, just doing the smallest notice board.

The next morning (a day before the workshop), once again I woke up late. When I arrived at the school, a few 'higher posts' were gathered around in the room, along with the one responsible for the notice board. I joined in with them for a breather before we started the days work. Then, as I was getting comfortable, along came the question..

"Who changed my notice board?"

Erk.. I was in an uncomfortable position as I was facing him. The others, including the 'higher posts' were looking at me expectantly. Truth is, the day before, they were afraid he'd be mad so they asked me to take the blame, in hoping that since I'm older than him, he might accept it. Well, can't really blame them as they had told me he'd been moody the day before and even complained that this was a girl's job when he was the one who volunteered to do a 'bombastic' job outta it. I didn't really wanna take it as this person doesn't exactly like me eversince I had confronted him on stabbing the back of my dear friend without his knowledge while pretending to be his friend but at that very moment, everyone else was quiet!

Double 'aiyak'! Especially since I just remembered I had forgotten to inform him the day before.

Then, trying to put on a VERY straight and indifferent face, I told him, "WE did!"

*A very long awkward silence*

Him: Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

I didn't know what to reply until he went outta the room. I was a bit upset though. Alaaa, takkan la nak save your asses, I plak yang kene! But then again, there wasn't time to feel upset, we still had a lot to do..

Then, as we told Dgon about it (she came a bit later), she asked me why didn't I put the blame on her? Alooohhh, ade plak! But at least she was braver than me to tell it to his face WHY everyone had voted to change the notice board. I mean, he DID promise to do a great job as long as he wasn't assigned to other tasks so we never bothered him with anything. She had a point though and I wondered why didn't I think of it before haha..

Besides, Farah vouched when I said I had tried to call him..


I hope he won't be mad for long..

Updated at 3.15pm --> He talked to me hehe.. guess he also didn't wanna be mad prior to the workshop. *whew*

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