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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cinderella.. Ayurella hehe..

For a typical girl, its time to buy footwear (which includes sandals, slippers bla.. bla.. but would hereby be called 'shoes' after this point to make it easier for me haha..) when.. go out and suddenly see a shoe you like! get your pay and dunno what to do with the money! (Duh!!) haven't got a certain colour one (when in reality, you've got a dozen shoe racks full of shoes with every colour in the world) (Double 'Duh!!') don't have the right shoe to go with a certain outfit you have!
..your friends are buying one and so that means you HAFTA buy one too (or your shoes would be one less than your friends! (Rolling eyes and a triple 'Duh!!')

Haha.. okay! I'm being sarcastic here but really, I don't quite understand what is it with girls and shoes (I'm a girl too, okay!). It amuses me though.. My friend Yun once laughed at me when I insisted that the essentials are just a pair of sandals to wear to class, flip flops to wear at home when going to the groceries or just hanging out the clothes, formal shoes to wear on certain occasions and maybe a pair of shoes to wear when exercising. The reason: She believes ALL those activites can be done with only a pair of flip flops.. hah! Now, she has a car trunkful of shoes, ranging from peculiar sandals to pencil thin heels.. and now I laugh back at her coz I'm still holding on to my shoe philosophy while she's now off the charts with her shoes.

My housemates both have half a dozen shoes each in all kinds of shapes and colours. Sometimes I feel like the odd one out when I only have
i. ONE sensible sandal
ii. ONE selipar buruk to wear ANYTIME I want
iii. A pair of sportshoes that I wear once in a while

Okay², I have a pair of pink sandals which I SELDOM wear which therefore is not fit to mention here, but thats all!

I don't even have sensible shoes which lands me in trouble whenever there's a function hehe.. I love my sensible sandals which is btw, sometimes called 'sandal orang tua' by my friends. Its the bulky Comfit sandals which by the way are VERY comfy and good enough to use for running in (especially when I wanna run away from my supervisor) or for walking long distance.. which says a LOT especially when compared to the pretty² sandals the others might prefer. So insult my sandals as you want, you KNOW they're more comfy than what you're wearing haha..

Mama has always complained on my lack of sense in the shoes department. Her reason is because she thinks I don't have enough shoes which I answer with an open mouth since I think I have more than enough. Even Yun keeps telling me I should buy more.. quadruple 'duh!' here!

The only time I buy my shoes is when
i. my current shoes are obviously fallen apart
ii. when my sandal snapped right in the middle of Megamall

Haha.. which bring me to the real reason of this entry.

On Sunday, I was awaken by Izati practically screaming (it was by sms actually, but I could imagine her haha..) telling me to wake up and meet them at Abah's place. I had planned to go home anyway so I thought 'what the heck'.. I haven't seen my sister in a long time anyway.. err, sister as in 'youngest sister' that is <--marah Izati hehe..

Anyway, when I arrived, it was the usually noisy bunch of us (Izati and me actually) but thats a different story and I'll talk about it in my next entry coz I wanna scan a picture I just found first..

Well, as we were going back, I noticed I had lost one of my selipar buruk. Trying to search for that particular one, I remembered a doggy in front earlier. I had scolded it when it came to play with me.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Of course I chased it away.. turned out, it had its revenged and was actually grinning at me with my selipar buruk in its mouth.

After a while, I decided to go get my selipar and samak it as the doggy had grown bored with it. However, to my dismay, it had chewed my selipar until it snapped and was no longer wearable. Boy! Was I mad..

The others laughed at me when I told them I had NOTHING else to wear so Mama let me borrow her selipar buruk. Waaa, I didn't want to go around in that selipar so me and Izati decided to go to KBJ and buy one as Izati also wanted to go get some sport shoes. However, on the way, we decided to go to Queensbay as the both of us have never been there (this is also another story)..

I just realized how true Abah was when he said Izati is VERY fussy.. and this is when not ALL shops were open because of the CNY holidays. I can't imagine how my feet would've killed me if ALL shops were open. We must've went into ALL shoe shops and sports shops that were open. I thought I'd never get a chance to buy something to replace my selipar buruk.. specially since most shops that were open sold silly sandals that are more pretty than practical and which I know would really murder my feet if I had to wear them for a long time..

Then we came to this sports centre. I was ready to sit down when I noticed a display of foot wear intended for people to wear when they've finished their sports activities. I decided to go through them as Izati went around looking at the display of other shoes. Then I noticed a strappy BUT practical sandal, the kind I used to wear when I was smaller. I laughed at the display but found myself attracted by the display. After trying on some, Izati came to me and suggested a few typical-kak-Yong sandals (she didn't know the strappy-sandal me I once was haha..)

Then my eyes rested on these GOLDEN sandals hahaha.. and to Izati's surprise (and to mine too!), I insisted on buying them. Izati was shocked!!! As I was too la, but I refused to let her know that. She knows me as this black or brown shoes person and here I was, stubbornly telling her I wanna buy the GOLD ones. Okay la, maybe not gold, more like copper.. but still, it wasn't the typical me type hahah.. no wonder Izati started to look around, trying to find if she had lost her sister somewhere in the store..

She kept asking me if I was sure, so confidently I told her, I was positive I wanted to buy them.. She didn't even wanna follow me to the counter, afraid I'd suddenly come to my senses and demand my money back thus creating a scene, perhaps hehe..

Then, as we sat to eat, I quickly exchanged Mama's selipars with the sandals and I had a fun time showing them off to Izati as she rolled her eyes, still confident I was gonna regret the purchase. I have to admit though, I DID think I was gonna regret it the next day so I decided to savour the moment as I enjoyed my GOLDEN sandals (impractical colour if you ask me) hahah..

Guess what? The next day when Izati asked me if I regretted it, I still didn't :)

Well, lets see how long this I-dont-regret-it-feeling would last.. I'm still suprised that I actually bought that thing :D

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