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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

JPJ and Izati

Hahah.. nope! JPJ and Izati have nothing in common. Just didn't know what title to put up there.

What I wanted to write was of two different things :)

The first thing being the lembapness of JPJ. Well, err, ok, firstly, I was the initial lembap one here haha.. My car insurance and roadtax starts on the 14th of February last year, so naturally it ends on the 13th of February this year which was yesterday (Tuesday). Usually I have always been quick to renew both, around one week before. But this year, due to my lembap wages from USAINS, I didn't get the chance to renew them earlier. Luckily, I have some friends who are willing to help me out a bit until I get my checque (malu.. malu.. but thanx Yun and Cik Wa).

Monday noon found me marching up to Takaful to renew the insurance policy. Once again I met the kakak who remembers my name when I still haven't the slightest idea of what her name is. She asked why I've never gone there anymore for my personal insurance which I answered with a sheepish smile haha.. I've missed a couple of months I think..

After paying, the person at the counter checked with JPJ if the information had already been received online. However, the person at the other end explained that there was something wrong with the server but assured us it with be solved in 10 minutes. Still, I couldn't renew my road tax yet till the afternoon since the problem still persisted.

The next morning (yesterday), after playing tennis ala Ayu-Dgon, I rushed to the post office to renew the road tax. After standing in the line for nearly half an hour, I was disappointed when the clerk told me that JPJ still hadn't updated the information, therefore I couldn't renew my road tax.

I then called Takaful, informing them of what had happened and they promised to find out about it. Turned out, their server was still ^&*%#!


They told me to wait while JPJ tried to resolve the problem. I waited until noon, then proceeded to call Takaful to ask about it. Once again the kakak at Takaful told me that JPJ was still in the same problem. By then, she said that a lot of people were getting annoyed at this.. Well, JPJ would fine you even if you're late for your road tax for 1 day but when the problem starts from them, they just ignore all the complaints and pretend that it was still our fault.. sheesh!

ONLY at 4.15pm did the problem be ok but by then, it was too late to go to the post office. I arrived at the post office as they were closing up.. and this is when the post office is only a stone's throw from my house. I wasted the whole day waiting for their call at home, should've gone to school and do something productive (like knocking off Dgon's name on the high score list of Dynomite!).

So this morning, once again I rushed to the post office at 8.30am to be one of the earliest in the normally long line. FINALLY I got it.. no longer afraid of the police who usually do their road blocks whenever I go home from my tuition class at Bagan Serai :D

The next thing I wanted to write was about Izati..

*will be continued* nak balik tgk Amarte Asi 3.30pm TV3 <--promote!!!

A couple of days ago, Izati smsed me telling me that my stepmother was pregnant again and she had just dreamt that Annisa would get an 'adik'. I told her, she's not the only one getting an adik as the whole lot of us would be getting one too. I thought she'd be happy for it.. but she replied with a "Tapi Ti tak ske.."

I was quite confused as Izati is very fond of Annisa, claiming she'd rather have Annisa as her 'same mother-same father' adik, rather than Iskandar haha.. In fact, if I tell her about the things I do with Annisa, she'd be quite jealous, telling me Annisa still prefers HER to me hehe..

I replied, asking her what she meant.. but she didn't answer..

The next day, I sent her another sms asking her the same question.. still she didn't answer..

Then yesterday, I sent her another one, but this time I DEMANDED an anwser.

Her reply left me in stiches. Apparantly, she didn't like a new addition to the clan as she was afraid she'd lose ALL her abangs (Hilang kakak dia tak takut plak.. cisssss!!). Hehehe.. Being the only lil' sister in the house before, we usually spoil her, especially Adi eventhough they love to fight. Ikram on the other hand always finds fault with her, but they still got along okay when talking about anime and comics they both love. Yeah, they figt coz they've got so much in common. Iwan, I dunno.. don't ask me. I'm not sure if he's fond of any of us but I guess he's ok with her. Even Iskandar and Izati who are more like cats and dogs than brother and sister are quite close.

True, eversince Annisa's arrival, everyone has been spoiling her. Starting with Iskandar who was happy to finally have an adik, then Izati and me who went to see Annisa for the first time together. And with Adi, though she was afraid of him at first, now, whenever Adi comes back, she'd ignore all of us and only want Adi as her companion. But her favourite brother right now is Ikram, where whenever she see's our van, she'd peek into it to search for Ikram FIRST, before giving her attention to us OR ignoring us completely when she decides she want Ikram.

No wonder Izati's jealous hahaha..

Even Adi told me, she had once told him, "Ti dah tak sayang kat Annisa" Hahah, for God' sake la Izati, Ti tu dah 18 laaaaa.. ade nak jeles² lagi ngan adik sendiri hehe..

When I asked her, how would she feel if I said the same thing about her? She replied, "Kak Yong tak penah ade abang ke ape ke.. ade adik je.. so ape kak Yong tau!" Cehhh.. very hampeh my sister laaa..

Anyway, I'm just crossing my fingers to see what'll happen next coz I'm damn sure, she'd be the most excited when our new sibling finally arrives :) :) :)

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