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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The long weekend has come and gone.. but my tuition classes were still on so I didn't manage to go home earlier. I only went home on Sunday morning, with a few stops on the way :)

My first stop was Abah's place as Mama and Izati were already there that morning. I arrived as Izati and Annisa were fighting about a packet of crisps.. and to think there's a 16-year differance between them haha..

Annisa has started babbling, like me when I was smaller (Abah and Mama la cakaaap.. btw, a few days ago, Yun described me to her friend as a QUIET person haha.. guess thats what happens to friends who knew you before you become the non-stop talking machine!). She has trouble saying 'kak Yong' and 'kakak' though, but she knows which is which now. I had a fun time replying in her baby talk with Izati making faces to show how ridiculous I looked haha! Annisa kept sitting with her Umi until I took her. I love the way she fits in my lap :) :) :)

Then we went out for lunch at Taman Bertam Putra.. or was it Taman Putra Bertam? Played peek-a-boo with Annisa when she came trotting towards me with a cheeky look in her eyes that were actually eyeing the icecream atop of my ais kacang. Mama shook her head while Umi was open mouthed in shock seeing a 26-year-old reduced to being a 1-year-and-a-half like her sister.. but then again, what do I care? Its good to be able to laugh now :) :) :) Especially seeing the look at Izati's face when Annisa preferred to play with me hahah.. sape suh gaduh ngan budak kecik tu pasal keropok?

The mystery of our lunch over there (really outta way from Abah's place) was answered after lunch. Turned out, Abah and Umi had bought a home there and wanted to show it to me and Izati (apparently Mama already knew about it).. and I guess in trying to be fair, it was also a corner lot (ours is a semi-D.. corner lot la jugak kan kirenye heheh..). Had a bit of a garden for Annisa to run around, quiet a pleasant house.

Annisa was red in the face and sweaty from running around the house (and she was actually sleepy before we arrived there) so when we arrived back at Abah's place, I wanted to bathe her as I also wanted to take a shower. I love bathing her just as she loves the water.. it took Umi to call her for us to stop frolicking in the water (Hehe, takut gak kat Umi ye, Ayu!). After putting her in her nappy and dress, I wanted to go to my car to get my towel but she raised her arms to me, wanting me to pick her up so she could follow me.

I didn't think anything of this until she refused to get outta the car. Then I remembered, the toy lion I had in front that has caught her eye for ages.. huh! Tricked by a nearly-two-year-old!!! No wonder she wanted to follow me to the car. I decided to take her for a ride and shouted to Umi to inform her, but then Izati demanded to follow us so there we were, the three Zainal sisters hehe.. I drove around until Annisa was half asleep (as our original plan) then went back.

Then I took my own shower. Very refreshing (imagine cold kampung water on a hot day!). By the time I finished my shower, Annisa was already sleeping..

It was then I noticed one of my slippers missing. Looking around, I noticed a puppy I had scolded earlier carrying my slipper in his mouth while watching me. I could've sweared he was laughing at me but since I still had my towel wrapped around my waist, I decided to let it be first.

When it was time to go home, I decided to go get my slipper and samak it. However, that puppy, with revenge in his mind, no doubt about that, had chewed it until it was useless. Damn that puppy! Good thing it was outta sight or I might've strangled it as I had no other footwear with me and in the end had to wear Mama's seliper jepun.

Thats when me and Izati decided to go to KBJ. She wanted to find footwear for sports while I decided that I DID NOT wanna go back to Pt Buntar with Mama's seliper Jepun. So Mama went back alone while Izati went with me. Initially we had thought of going to Megamall, but since it was already sixish, we decided to go somewhere near home instead. However, on the congested bridge, while I was loudly complaining about drivers who jump queue (while singing along with Izati who kept repeating 'Faraway' haha), Izati suggested we go to Queensbay since she hadn't been there. I have also never been there so I thought it might be a good idea.

When we arrived there, I made sure I noted where we had parked the car. Written on the column beside my car was a big 'A12'. Then me and Izati spent the next 15 minutes trying to find a way into the building haha.. The arrows were so confusing. Not matter how much we followed them, we didn't find a way into QBay. I was starting to feel that is wasn't such a great idea after all when voila! We found the entrance :)

Spent a good 3 hours there. What with fussy Izati dragging me around but at least I got my sandals (which btw, I still haven't regretted buying yet, though yesterday I suddenly felt that the colour was rubbing me off the wrong way now). I noticed a cute red mini football at the Nike counter, depicting MU's logo around it and I know someone who'd have loved it. I also found a lot of interesting shops there, though the only bookshop that was open, 'Borders' or something, actually failed to interest me. Thats a first hehe.. There was also this shop that sold frilly² skirt and all that stuff and Izati WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN THEM. The tomboy Izati!!!! She scowled when she saw me trying my best to supress my laughter..

Then, finally we went to get some dinner. A full table for only the two of us. Here, I discarded Mama's seliper Jepun with my new sandals, much to the annoyance of Izati who was still so sure I was gonna regret the outta-line-for-kak-Yong purchase. After nearly bursting with food, we decided to head back home BUT an acessories shop caught our attention and before I knew it, I had bought her and myself, not one, but two bracelets each! I really have to check on my expenditure now!!!

WE had another adventure here. After getting outta the lift, we went to find the column labelled A12. However, A12 did not have my car near it. I would've panicked had I not noticed that earlier, my car was parked near the aircond outlet (or whatever that thing is) but even THAT was missing.

Then.. to my dismay, I realized that ALL floors have A12. Aiyak!!!! Took me another 15 minute to finally locate my car haha..

Went home, took a shower. I was brushing my hair which surprisingly has grown a lot longer than I expected when I heard voices.. IKRAM! Yeay..!

Practically ran down the stairs and sat with him and Izati in front of the tv though we weren't exactly watching it. Ikram, as usual, kept talking about his comic books and was happy when I asked him if I could borrow one or two since he seemed to be really interseted in them. The 'one or two' finally turned out to be about 40 issues when he insisted I read them all.. aiyak! Takpe la, Yam punye pasal, kak Yong bace laaaa..

Then he went to fry some 'bishops nose' (a still-hideous name for bontot ayam, his favourite part of the chicken though!) for all of us to munch on while he and Izati argued over whatever-topic-they-feel-that-could-be-a-good-argument and I just laughed on, enjoying he 'noisiness' of it all :) It was late before I was finally sleepy enough to retire..

Woke up the next day to Izati insisting it was a great day for a movie. I told her that I had a class that afternoon, but did she care? JANGAN HARAP heheh.. She'd already watched Ghost Rider with Hazwan and Mira as Hazwan had wanted to watch it early Saturday morning. Hazwan asked Izati to 'ajak la kak Yong hang, aku dah lama tak jumpa dia' but 'kak Yong hang' had class la Hazwan, so I was left out of the outing boo-hoo.. However, Adi had talked a bit about The Holiday and Izati wanted to watch it. I was also looking forward to go catch a movie since its been ages I've gone to see one. The last one was Death Note 2 (on second thought, my 'ages ago' might not actually be that long ago hehe..)

Besides, I'm a movie buff, its very seldom I won't enjoy any kinda movie haha.. so I agreed but told her, I'd only watched movies which strated the latest at 12.30 as I had a class at 5.15.

Turned out, I cancelled the class in the end.

Went to KBJ but Izati didn't find the shoes she wanted. Then the movies there were quite a let down as they kept saying 'kene tunggu at least 4 orang nak tengok dik, baru kitorg bukak'.. What the..? Baik tak yah buh kat listing maaaaa.. After a frustrating wait, we decided to head off to Prangin, with hopes, Izati would find her shoes and that there'd be a decent showing of movies there.. but first, we went to Kenny Rogers so Izati could go exchange some loose change with her old manager.

On the way to Prangin, Izati suddenly shouted when she realized a Bata shop open (the other were closed) and she pretended to give me an 'oh well' attitude about it. Sheesh, had to u-turn to go there but it paid off as she finally found a shoe she liked.. and at a bargain too! So I DEMANDED she pay for my movie ticket ince she had a whole lot of leftover cash from what was her initial budget.. yeay!

Hazwan wanted to follow us at first but suddenly felt 'aku rasa segan la pulak ngan kak Yong'.. pulaaaaaaaaaakk!

Went to Prangin and finally decided to watch 'Songs and Lyrics'.. Hmm, or was it 'Music and Lyrics'? Hahah.. forgot already maaa! The movie was ok la (said I enjoy most movies, didn't say I'd LOVE them a LOT hehe..), kinda movie that you just sit down and watch and don't have to think though I won't actually suggest the movie to anyone but it was pleasant. I loved the song though.. Way Back Into Love. Even Izati loved it and she's already planning to go find the MP3 which I begged her to send to me if she found it. I've been searching for the lyrics but can't seem to find it yet..

Anyway, by the time we arrived, I had already called to cancel my class so I had the whole afternoon to kill. After the movie, we went to grab some pastries (had already eaten at KBJ wif my sis) then Izati dragged me around to go find some socks (6 pairs at three different stops!!!) It was after 4 that we decide to go home (once again with her repeating Faraway.. I think I'm gonna make her a CD with only THAT song haha..)

Discovered Ikram had gone out with Sofi to catch Ghost Rider.. uwaaa, kene tinggal lagi :( He had already piled his comics in a neat stack for me but I fell asleep just as I was thinking of how I was gonna bring them all to my car. Woke at 6, then decided to quickly pack my things in the car. Asked Izati for help with Ikram's comic..

Thats when I found the picture above.. I can hear some 'Oooohhh, patut la ade gambo tu!' going around here hehe..

It was taken during raya and though the picture's colour isn't impressive enough, I love the picture. I was really happy during that Aidilfitri.

I love this picture enough to even put it in my Yahoo! 360 :) As I wrote in there: Clockwise from the top, with the hideous goatee and looking like a lost goat in the city is my closest brother Adi. On his left is Ikram who's happily pointing to me to prove I'm the shortest of the lot. Beside me is Izati and behind her is Iskandar, the youngest of our clan. Iwan didn't come home for raya so he's not in the picture and Mama was the one who took it, after we came home from prayers.

It was actually in Ikram's album but I 'stole' it.. for a while :)

When I look at it, I can't really believe we're siblings. We look quite different from each other, don't you think? Yet, when we're together, we could bring the whole house down. No wonder Mama's headache rate is directly proportionate to the head count of her children in the house (yes, to her we're STILL children.. just last week, she called us from the top of the stairs, "Children.. dah makan ke?" Hehe.. children huh?)

Wow!! This is quite a long entry, huh? Heheh.. better stop. Till next time :)

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