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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Whats with the smile?

Yeah.. what IS it with the smile?

Believe it or not, its just from a simple story I just read. I just finished writing the review for this book here but I still can't get the smile off my face! In fact, as of yesterday, I don't think this smile has ever left my face yet.. haha, similar to the smile I get whenever I see MBC, but I guess its even better!

Ahhh.. the joys and wonder of modern literature! A simple book can perk me up like nothing else, better than a movie can. But what they have in common, is a good story line that can tug me at my heart, thus driving all the blues away.. and thanx to Mama, for teaching me about the love of books!

Yet, not many people can understand that. My friends from my book club could understand, Mama could understand, my sister Izati could understand, arwah Tok would understand AND encourage it, my brothers Adi and Pojie could understand, my housemate kak Shima (can bring myself to call her ex-housemate yet).. and well, thats about that I guess..

And yes, some book DO have the power to make you cry ashamedly.. make you laugh out loud.. make you frightened and scared to your wits.. make you mad.. make you feel that the world is so unfair.. but also make you feel there is good out there in this crazy world. Still, with all those emotions, in the end, a good story would still make you smile, no matter what!

I guess that's why I love books.. and that's why, though yesterday I didn't feel like smiling, I'm enjoying this smile I've found today! Lets just hope I don't get lost in the fantasy of it all, but just have pleasure in a smile a simple book can bring to everyone! :-)

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