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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A 'broken' necklace..

I woke up this morning to the shrill sound of my alarm. Shoot! I wasn't ready to wake up yet, not when I feel so dreamy and sleepy, so I climbed outta my bed and hit the snooze button. Upon returning to my bed, I felt something slide down the back of my nightshirt, and for a split second, I was wide awake in horror that somehow a house lizard had climbed onto my back while I was asleep. Cautiously raking my hands through my tangled hair (I really think I should cut it, one of these days! Kucing pun bleh beranak in this mass of weeds I dare to call 'hair'!), I was relieved to NOT FIND any slimy creatures in it haha.. so I went blissfully back to sleep.

I finally woke up for my subuh prayers about 15 minutes later (haha, takde la lama sangat tido balik pun..). As usual, I'll brush my hair first before tying it up in a bun and go take my wudhu'. I noticed something hanging from my neck, and for a while, the image of an iguana's long tail came to my mind. Then I realized the colour of the so-called 'tail' was very familiar and all at once.. "MY NECKLACE!"

Clutching the chains of my necklace, I frantically searched around for the locket (the once I thought was the house lizard) and found it nestled between the sheets. Turns out that one chain of the necklace had bent until it broke (ganasnya pakai!!!) thus resulting in the not-really-a-neclace thingey I was holding in my hand. Looking at it, my mind (as usual) went back to the day I received this necklace..

Abah has never been the type to buy jewellery for the girls in his life. So I've lived my life happily without any rings or bracelets or necklaces or earrings (which btw, I don't need since I've never pierced my ears anyway) and so on. In fact, I get puzzled when my friends like comparing their 'golds' around and when they seemed suprised to now that I don't own any of it. I mean, duh, its just pieces of metal that can be found all around the world la..

When my 21st birthday (kononnya finally being an adult la tu..) came, I was suprised when my parents organized a small gathering of friends to celebrate my so-called freedom. I mean, all the while, it was always me who was enthusiastic enough to celebrate EVERYONEs birthday so my birthday was never really celebrated before. They bought Cosmart's Black Forest for me (Seriously, one of the best I've tasted.. Secret Recipe pun kalah!) and for the first time since I was 7, I had to blow out the candles again haha..

What suprised me was the gift Abah and Mama bought for me. Nope, it wasn't the keys to a fancy car or anything like that (we're not exactly well-to-do la), but it was the necklace that left me speechless. Why, some of you may ask. BECAUSE IT WAS NOT NORMAL!!!!

In fact, the first question that came outta my mouth was, "Zhulian ke?" that made Abah a bit hurt haha.. C'mon la, I've never had any of these, how was I to know the differance between a real one and a fake one!

At first, I didn't wear it, I mean, I DID hate it.. a bit la. Especially since I am so ticklish, the feeling of something on my neck was so 'depressing'! But when my parents kept asking me to just LEAVE it at where it should be, well, and since I didn't want them to feel hurt, I tried my best. It took me a long time to get used to wearing it but a few months later (more like a few years), it didn't bother me that much.

I remember once when I went for my facial (hahah.. once upon a time ago!), the kakak who was working on my face asked about my necklace. In fact, she called her friend to come look at it, but believe me, it's just a plain chain la.. sangat heran! I didn't, and still don't, know much about it so I just told her it was a gift. She smiled and said to me,"Sape yang bagi rantai ni kat adik, mesti sayang sangat kat adik!"

To tell you the truth, my parents weren't on good terms at that time and somehow, they always made it a point to make me feel guilty about this since I was seldom at home (tengah belajar kaaan!). At one point, I felt as if they didn't really love me as much as they loved the others since I was always scolded at the slightest thing. Truth is, I hated to see them fighting and since I was always on 'the other side' (with Mama, I was on Abah's side.. with Abah, I was on Mama's side), I guess they just got annoyed at me.

But what the kakak said had somehow made me understand that maybe, my parents were just hurt with what was happening and since I was not always around, then it was I who kept being in the middle of their rows! After that, I tried my best not to feel hurt too much, and try to understand both parties. Funnily, whenever I starting feeling down like that, my hand would automatically go to my necklace and my mind would try to remember what the kakak said.. haha, and to think that I once wanted to throw the necklace away!

See, I'm going all sentimental again :-)

But really, though it still bothers my neck, I love it.. my one and only piece of jewellery as a sign of freedom given by my loving parents!

Btw, how much does it cost to repair it, huh? Any ideas, anyone?

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