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Sunday, January 01, 2006

..and a Happy New Year!!

Wow! A new year already.. it feels like we just celebrated the 1st of January 2005 and now we're facing the 1st of January 2006. Time sure flies.

Maybe most of us make up resolutions which, more often than not, we don't really keep haha.. but at least we try, ye dak? I don't remember any resolutions made during the new year. Heck! I don't even think I ever made one, anyway.. but still, I guess I've grown a lot during this year. Klau tak banyak pun, I'm sure ade jugak sikit..

Lets see, 1st January 2005 saw a girl who was konon² determined to hand in her dissertation during the year (this is an on-going resolution, bukan new year punya) and who everyday resolves to be more hardworking and concentrate more on her thesis BUT who deep inside, doesn't really think she would EVER submit the darn thing hahah.. sangat teruk la this girl! Can't even imagine the DAY she's handover the finished thesis, and believe me, tu dalam dia ada very vivid imagination that she tends to get carried away sometimes!

But come this day, she's someone who's working at her dissertation as if there's no tomorrow haha.. Ok la, tipu sebab sempat lagi tulis dalam blog ni but this is a HUGE leap from the girl (errr, girl lagi ke?) seen earlier in the year. And this time, I really hope to be able to send this %#&*% report in the next couple of weeks.

The earlier part of this year also saw a still-broken-hearted girl who kept clinging on to the past. Quite pathetic if you ask me, though she might not admit it in the first place! Never even allowed herself a tiny crush since she kept crossing her fingers, hoping things would finally go her way. But hey, through the months, her outlook gradually changed and she no longer pondered much on the 'issue'. She even started to let herself 'appreciate' other guys, eventhough she was still comparing them with IM.

But what do you know? She now has an MBC and though it might sound silly to some (ye la, umoq 25 pun nak main crush² lagi ka?), it has brought some hugh sighs of relief from some of her friends who thought she'd never get over IM. I guess, IM has already started to look like yesterday's news to her! Btw, I saw him (MBC la, not IM!) just now when I got out of my car. I noticed his car from afar but it was too late to hide back in my car so I pretended to be so absorbed in a CD I was holding (w/pun sebenaqnya dalan hati: Nak tengok.. nak tengok! Haha..)

Another change I'm glad of is because, she's back to her home sweet home when her mother decided to go back home a couple of weeks ago! Yippee! Though it'll take a very long time to turn the place back into 'home', but we'll wait. Now she no longer feels like a nomad, with no permanenet address haha..

And hey, did I forget to mention that she's lost nearly half of the weight I she gained last year? Not much la kot, unless she losses all of what she gain (and some more perharps) but still, its an accomplishment, right? A really welcomed change with hopes to lose more here..

But there are also unwelcomed changes. For example, this year will signify a new phase in her life. Tak dak la phase besaq sangat pun, but for the past two-and-a-half years, she's been so used to being the youngest in the house. Now, she's somehow going to be the one responsible for it. Bukan la tanak responsible, but I was more carefree sebelum ni since the 'older sisters' were the ones who took care of the bills la, duit umah la..

Saying goodbye to two GREAT 'sisters' was hard enough, but welcoming two new housemates (which btw, makes me the middle one, now!) is something new. I'm going to have to learn to be more responsible and shed my clumsiness. And, I'm going to have to learn to adapt to new people.. my fingers are crossed! And yes, when will I stop referring myself as the third person haaa?

Opss, nearly forgot! I've said goodbye three times this year. The other two was to my colleagues from the Trip Generation Phase III group (kak Ana, Nomi, Nazek, Fawid, Hadi..) whose contract ended in August and colleagues from the Malaysian Highway Capacity Manual Stage I group (kak Sue, kak Bibah, Zul, Hasrul, Faezah) whose contract ended yesterday. The new year is surely going to be sooooo different since I've been with these guys eversince April 2002!

But well, changes are inevitable and thats life! I hope this new year brings much more, not only to me and my family, but to everyone out there. I hope we'd appreciate the little things in life that makes it more meaningful and may all of us recognize all the blessing in disguise before we start resenting everything.. and may, in the end, we emerge a better person!

Hmmm.. wonder what's in store for 2006?

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