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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

RM 40 je pun..

Yesterday, I didn't go to the school (C'mon la, I'm not playing truant here.. I'm not a school girl anymore, remember?!?!). Instead, I opted to stay at home and do some spring cleaning (more like post-winter cleaning kot?!?!) since my new housemates would be arriving any time now.

Anyway, I washed everything (just in case these newbies are allergic to cats.. ye la, Gebu punya bulu merata²!), sweeped, mopped, wiped bla.. bla.. bla.. Just when I was about to collapse in exhaustion, I took one look at my car and noticed, in horror, how dirty it was. Thinking back, the last time I washed it was.. errr, I can't even remember when! Another (unreasonable) excuse is because, the night before, when waiting for the traffic light, MBC was right behind me hehe.. Malu wooooo keter sangat kotor hehehe.. <--Ayu sangat teruk ahhh!

Now, I've always been reprimanded by kak Kathy for my lack of concern of the safety of my car whenever its my turn to park inside. I almost NEVER lock the car, feeling confident that the car is quite safe inside. However, since living alone, locking up my car has turned into a habit..

Before I proceeded to wash up my car, I noticed the a gap in the back window so I had to unlock the car first to close it.. basah plak kang keter saya, padahal nak basuh luar je! Anyway, I quickly started scrubbing the tyres before washing the whole car. I wanted to wash it twice since it was quite filthy but my neighbour came out and since I had rolled up my track bottom mid-calf and was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, segan plakk ngan 'pak sheikh' tu hehe..

I quickly sprayed the car and practically ran back inside the house. Noticing how sweaty I was, I took a quick shower before performing my Asar prayers. After praying, while folding up my telekung, I peeked outside and noticed that the gate was wide open. I was a bit confused, being so sure the gate was closed while I was washing my car.. but knowing how clumsy I am, I just shrugged it off.

After a few minutes of getting ready, I went outside to start up the engine. I was suprised to see the light (whatchamacallit, yang indicate if your doors are shut or not tu!) inside the car. For a moment, I thought I had washed the car with the door still open but c'mon la, I'm not THAT clumsy, am I?

A quick look around convinced me that someone had 'trespassed' while I was bathing/praying! Ya Allah, my CDs were all over the car and contents of the container under the seats were scattered on the seats. Thankfully, my CD player was still intact but suddenly I remembered something.. mana RM 40 duit minyak yang saya letak jap dalam ash-tray tu ye?

Normally, I NEVER put money in there, but since I was planning to refuel my car and 4 loose RM10 notes were in my purse, I had placed them there the day before.. and as expected, they were gone! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Alaaa.. RM 40 je.. yeah, I can hear a lot of you say that! Masalahnya, I'm BROKE!!! Really broke, since I don't get allowance for my masters anymore and I'm relying on my tuition pay that I'll only get next month. I only had that RM 40 for fuel to last until the 5th, and another RM35 for food to last till that day too.. Waaaa, I felt like crying while my mind quickly calculated on how I was going to survive the next 12 days with only RM35! One word to describe what my mind told me: BARELY!

Now I started regretting my habit of not locking up before I went inside the house. Though I had thought that I'd lost that habit, well, its now proven that I didn't really manage to shoo that habit away. I guess if I wasn't so broke, I wouldn't have minded, but in these circumstances..

Anyway, I told myself to 'redha' je.. maybe that person needed the money more than me and for a while, the thought calmed me down. Ye la, rezeki masing² kan..

But just now, I'm so certain that the 'person' had the nerve to come again! I was reading in my room when I noticed the sound of my gate. I barely caught a glimpse of someone slipping away from the compound of my home and for a second, I was overcome with rage at this tak-reti-bahasa-punya-orang.. tak insaf² lagi ke?

Still, it might be my fault for making my house a target since I seldom locked up before. Lets just hope that this person doesn't feel the need to come snooping around again before, unfortunately, he finally gets caught!

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