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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank you, friend!

Its not that I haven't noticed, but I DO realize that some of my blog entries are dedicated to my friends who are far away from me eg. Sentot, IM, Mak Su, Un, Toroque. Today, I'm going a bit closer to home, this is for a friend whose not really my best friend though we're quite close. I like to think of our relationship as a kind'a special and pleasantly strange one. Well, here goes!

I first got to know her in KMK. We were in the same dorm. We were about the same height and we both had the longest hair in the dorm but that was about where our similairities ended. I was the eldest in my family, she's the youngest. I was shy around strangers while she treated everyone like a long lost friend. I was in the bio-chem class (though because of a mix-up, I wasn't supposed to) while she was in the physics-chem. I came from the northern part of Malaysia while she's from the south.

Haha, this reminds me of an incident during our matrics. Her cubemate (Yana) was a Kedahan and one day Yana blurted out, "Aku segan la nak basuh baju..!"

"Haaa.. nak basuh baju pun malu ke?"

"Apa la hang ni, segan dalan bahasa utara maknanya malaih la.."

Though my cube was at the back of the dorm, I used to go lepak² at the front cubes so thats how I got to know her a bit more. However, our paths crossed again in our first year when we got rooms just opposite each other. She was also taking Civil Engineering so we used to go to class together and since she's what you'd call langkah panjang, I was always tagging along whenever she wanted to go to the town or something.

In our second year, we were housemates. By this time, small 'quarrels' were a norm haha.. Sometimes, I'd be reduced to tears, sometimes I'd go to Dayah's house to let off some steam. I mean, I was the too-sensitive one while she could act so normal to the point of annoying you! Like I said, we were so different from each other. Those 'quarrels' are what we laugh at now.

One that particularly stands out is our fight over tea. My family is used to very little sugar, while she's used to having a sweet tooth for everything. Since I used to wake up early AND was (and still is) an addict to tea, the first thing I'd do after my shower is to make a teapot of hot tea. Believe it or not, the first thing she'd do after seeing MY pot of tea is to ADD SUGAR in it. I couldn't tell you how insulted I was really haha.. But if SHE was the one who made tea, I'd sneakily add hot water to the teapot when she's not looking ("Ni apasal dah tak manis ni? Takde orang lain la ni.. Ayu tambah air la ni..") Aiyoo, like air gula la, minah! Our housemates were always laughing at us whenever one of us made tea because they never really minded HOW the tea tasted like, anyway.

In our final year, we were really far from each other, but that didn't stop us from intruding into each other's lives. Dayah (our mutual friend) always teased me, whenever I complained about this friend, saying that we were really bestfriends deep down inside haha! I was always nagging her on her reckless decisions on everything, especially the matters of her heart and other peoples heart too, while she was always nagging me for being such a coward in everything, even illogical matters!

However, after everyone had finished their studies, and we were left with only each other, I guess all the 'arguing' gradually stopped (a bit la, kalau stop terus, tak meriah la kaaan!). Now and then, she'd still see me as the 'chicken' in everything and I'd still be mad at her for, well, something she's doing now. But hey, I'm not the only one who keeps nagging at her for this, even the kakak² office, especially the married ones, are quite frustrated with her in this 'department'! And I really hope she stops doing it coz she deserves someone WAY much better <-- don't anyone ever DARE to tell her I said this or I'll forever be hearing her taunting me, "Aku dah agak yang ko sebenarnya sayang gak kat aku"

There are times we'd be each other's crying shoulder. During the early stages of Abah and Mama's separation and when I first had THE fight with my invisible friend, I was always going to her room. I seldom talked, but she'd give me a pen and paper, knowing I'll start writing about it furiously when I'm ready. When she was sad of THE GUYs (don't ask) marriage, I'd lend her my ear then, though sometimes I'd be suprised to see the 'strong' her, crying over a useless man <-- don't tell her I said that!

Maybe some people would wonder, why the sudden talk about her? Well, she did something that really touched me.. iskk, terharu!

My housemate was getting engaged, but though most of us would be excited about it, she isn't! Bukan la not excited about getting engaged, but not happy because of other things. The reason: Well, I won't elaborate here, but lets just say that sometimes, some people who are supposed to be your bestfriends just can't stand seeing you happy. They just HAVE to make you miserable when all you want to is to share this happy moment with them. Like my housemate, it seems everything she does now is wrong in their eyes and I can't help feeling irritated towards some people while pitying my housemate here. She's been crying everyday, though she thinks she hides it well. She's torn between being really happy, and really sad.

Somehow, I told a bit about this to my friend, whom this entry is dedicated to. Now, my friend here has no connection whatsoever to my housemate. In fact, they only know each other because of me. They have never really had deep coversations together, and since our ages are so different (takde la so sangat, about 4 to 5 years), sometimes we seem to be the childish ones compared to my housemates and her friends.

Know what my friend did? She promptly went out with her housemate and proceeded to make this beautiful hantaran for MY housemate. Then she came along with me to the engagement ceremony, knowing that the 'friends' have found excuses NOT to attend and really cheered my housemate up, who is as emotional as me, that she nearly cried. She asked all the right questions, and teased my housemate at all the right moments. Even I felt like crying, seeing how selfless my friend was. I could tell that my housemate was really touched to see someone else who cared, though the people she had counted on didn't.

Driving back from my housemate's kampung, I reflected on my relationship with my friend here. True, we sometimes don't see eye to eye (though its getting more seldom now), sometimes I'd be nagging her too much and she would avoid me for a week and sometimes she'd irritate me to the point of screaming.. but one thing I know, I CAN COUNT ON HER!

And I hope, she can count on me too.. thank you, friend! You really suprise me a lot when I least expect it, but I guess, I really love you for that.. and thank you for making my housemate really smile for the first time over many weeks! Only Allah would be able to repay you and what you did :)

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