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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Guess I'm not such a hopeless case after all hahah..

A few minutes after receiving the good news from my beloved cousin, I was already blabbering it out to the others (me and my big mouth!). I wanted to bite my tongue when I realized that Yokies and kak Maria hadn't received the news yet (Thank God I only told them masa tu..) and they were a bit hurt! Then I received an sms from Toroque asking me to keep it a secret since "aku nak bagitau kat depa sendiri" <-- To Yokies, kak Maria and Salam la


I had to call Yokies to explain everything (since my card was appropriate and Toroque just got to know about his wife's pregnancy) and ask him to pretend he just knew about the news. Luckily, this made Yokies laugh so I guess he wasn't hurt anymore. True, Toroque called him a few moments later! *Whew!*

I was still excited in talking about it that when I was online with Salam just now, it was the only thing on my mind. Well, we HAVE been wondering WHEN kan? Hehe..

Anyway, I didn't know if Salam knew about the news or not, so slyly I asked him has he heard anything from Toroque yet. His answer made me realize that Toroque still hadn't found time to tell Salam yet so to cover it up, I tried to talk about other things. However, Salam was suspicious and he kept pestering me to tell him what was happening. Knowing Salam, he can be quite stubborn so I had to make up a story that would make him totally forget about my earlier question. Unlucky for me, the first thing to cross my mind was, "Kalau saya cakap saya nak bertunang, awak percaya tak?"

As expected, he forgot about the story of Toroque and was busy asking me to tell him everything. Now, I must note here that my state of 'singleness' has always been a sore point for me, but, however, it is one of their favourite topics. I dreaded saying what I had said right after it came outta my mouth but the damage was done and no matter how I tried to tell him that I was joking, he didn't seem to buy it. I should've known, Salam himself had just gotten engaged while Toroque was still over the moon, awaiting the arrival of his own child. Knowing them, they'd expect other people to have good news too! <-- See, no wonder its so easy to love these guys, they're always wanting other people to be happy too!

I really laughed when he called Toroque asking, "Ayu nak bertunang ngan sapa?". Toroque must've been as confused too hehe.. I mean, Salam assumed, since I asked about Toroque earlier, I must've told Toroque about my plans. I DO NOT want to know what else they had discussed about my so-called engagement but believe me, I can just imagine.

When I realized what Salam had done, I smsed Toroque explaining everything. Salah dia, sapa suh tak habaq kat Salam awal², kan dah kena balik kat saya time nak cover! However, he replied saying, "Kalau betoi pun, apa salahnya!"

Seriously, these guy!!

Haha.. still, for a while I was speechless! Overwhelmed! Terharu giler.. isk.. iskk.. sobb.. sob..

These guys think there's still hope for me :-)

Like I said, guess I'm not such a hopeless case, after all!

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