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Friday, September 02, 2005

Statistical analysis workshop


My last day in this workshop.. yipppeeeee!!!

Its been quite a tiring week. Nope, not because of the workshop.. err, maybe la because of the workshop! Its not that the lecturers are boring, its because I HATE STATISTICS!!!

I've hated statistics since Additional Maths in form 5 and Calculus in Matriks. It didn't help that I had to learn statistics AGAIN in my first year and don't ask me what I got for it coz I'm not answering!

I thought I was rid of statistics forever! I thought I wouldn't have to see the 's' word again in my entire life (except in modern maths with my tuition class). I thought statistics was banned already in my very existance but arrrggghhhh.. we meet again!

Right now, En Aiezaal is assisting us in our hands on of this statstics software, MINITAB. I can't seem to hear, let alone understand what he's mumbling in front. Ok.. ok, he's not mumbling, its just me, ok!

Every single word that has come out of their mouth for the past 4 days have just fallen to deaf ears, bak kata orang Melayu, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. Maybe, just maybe I DID concentrate A BIT on my first day coz it was Dr Nordin at that time, and I'm not gonna let a Civil Engineering lecturer see me dreaming in the workshop. But as the next days came, and the lecturers were from other schools, I must have done much more day dreaming that I could do in a month!

I wasn't looking forward for the workshop really, in fact I was dreading it! Knowing how I suck in statistics, its no wonder. But the one of the requirements for my graduation in my M.Sc is for me to attend 3 workshops organized by the Institute of Graduate Studies (IPS - Institut Pengajian Siswazah). The first two workshops were a breeze, Scientific Writing and Research Methodology, but this final one is the one I don't feel comfortable with. Still, I have this one last day so after this it'll be : MERDEKA!!!

Was feeling quite good about it until Dr Wan, my superviser told me : "You need to use statistics for your thesis, you know? Good thing you're a week into this workshop, huh, you should be a pro at it now!"

I.. am.. DEAD!!!

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