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Monday, August 22, 2005

Kampung Nongka, here we come!!

Yesterday was Nazek's kenduri. The most anticipated kenduri of Fawid budak kecik, kenduri abang besaq dia kaaaaan..

Started off with a misunderstanding, with me thinking we had promised to meet at USM at 11, and the guys thinking the promise was at 10. Budak kecik sangat tak sabaq, terus je pegi.. Janji nak jumpa kat R&R Gurun. Buang masa la budak kecik, kowang kene tunggu jugak!

Anyway, I went to pick the girls up around 10.30am, starting with Paijah. Then we went to Ramlah's house but she wasn't ready yet so I went to Nomi's house first before going back to Ramlah's. Thus, started the journey!

The drive to was quite boring. When I was small, I used to be fascinated with paddy fields but hey, c'mon la, bila sepanjang jalan pun tengok sawah padi, jadi boring la jugak. Even singing on the top of my vioce didn't feel so appealing haha..

We must've arrived at Gurun around 11.30am. Then, we went together to find Nazek's house. I've been there before but for the life of me, I couldn't quite remember the way. Though I may have a vague idea of the direction but still, I didn't want to make a fool outta myself in front of the guys! Still, it didn't stop the budak kecik from teasing by driving right behind me after we exited the final toll gate and when I slowed down, he refused to overtake me, hampeh!

When we arrived, the kenduri was in full swing. Meriah nye! Funny thing is, Nomi met her close friend in Poly who turned out to be Nazek's cousin. Alahai, keciknye dunia!

After salam with Nazek's mother, we were ushered to a table right in front of the house. Ingatkan meja VIP so tak berani nak duduk, but turned out to be tables for guests jugak. We were a bit embarassed at first, ye la, meja tu depan² jalan, but lapar punya pasal, duduk jugak la. First time in my life to have nasik tambah 2 times (small helping je eh!), but I wasn't the only one eh! Paijah, though didn't want nasik tambah, had 'ayaq tambah' hahah.. sapa minum sampai 3 jug nih? Then, since Nomi's friend, who was Nazek's sepupu, was paasing around the bunga telur, we received 2 each. One full with candy and the other one with nuts.. Hmmm, kreatif gak buh kacang kan! Btw, tak bleh la panggil bunga telur kan?

The best thing was that when Nazek and Kak Nas arrived, the car stopped right in front of us. Kirenye we had the front row seat view lah! Nazek memalu plak tutup muka ngan tangan, cettt! Konon! Then he stayed in the car while everyone was trying to get a glimpse of the old 'newlyweds'. budak kecik was holding the camera in his hand to take the picture of his abang besaq but his abang besaq takut cayaq kot berdiri tengah panaih nooo..

Finally, Nazek and kak Has emerged from the car. Eceeeeh, memalu la tu konon hehe.. Budak kecik managed to capture the moment.

While waiting for our turn to take picture with him, I heard someone call me. Aiseh, my junior in USM, Khalid (though I forgot who he was at first, now I remember him as the guy who was singing 'penuh perasaan' in the DK when he thought he was alone, padahal, I was right up there watching him haha..). At first I wanted to pretend that I remembered his name but he already knew that my mind wasn't quick enough to locate him from memory haha.. still, he was a good sport about it.. Sepupu Nazek tuu! Memang such a very small world la..

Then we took pictures with the bride and bridegroom, amik berkaaaaaat hehe..! Waiting to take pictures for him, his aunties kept asking who we were. When he told them we were his colleagues in USM, his aunties asked us to wait and not really to our suprise, we received another bunga telur (special one la konon) and potpourri. Haha, maybe if we stayed a bit longer, we'd be able to tapau the food too, uhuh!

Anyway, kak Fizah told me that Bukit Kayu Hitam was not really that far from Nazek's house so I persuaded the girls to go to BKH with me. Alaaa, alang² dah sampai kan. Told them, "Akak tanak beli ape², nak tengok² je" Haha.. guess who's shopping bag was the largest? Didn't buy much really, just bought some tid bits and chocolates for my juniors and some snacks for home. We didn't really want to go to the stalls at the back, fearing our money would go straight to zero there :-)

The journey home was much more quiet. Though we laughed a bit about the bride and bridegroom, AND the fact that the guys stayed back just to talk with Nazir. Question still remains though, what is the mysterious gift the guys bought for him? Rahsia sangat sampai make me very curious.. We girls had a different gift for him too (aside from the vacuum cleaner ALL of us bought for him) --> Selipar ASADI! Hehe.. sapa yang berkenaan je faham kaaaaaan, bebudak HiTEG!

Ape pun, CONGRATULATIONS to Nazek and kak Has.. Selamat pengantin 'lama' naaaaa heheh..

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