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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Apasal tak sedap ati ni?

Woke up this morning at 7.25am (tak leh solat laa..) and instantly I felt this uneasy feeling looming in me.. kenape eh?

Sangat tak sedap hati and I don't feel comfortable this way.. really uncomfortable! This feeling has been bothering me since this morning right till now and its 12.15pm now. I don't know whats up with me today..

I'm also not comfortable with another feeling that came along.. this wat'chamacallit feeling of 'sebak'! I keep feeling as if I want a good cry here and I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY!

I mean, I was okay yesterday though I kept remembering the things I mentioned in my earlier blog BUT still, THAT didn't make me sad. In fact, I was really happy yesterday, seeing all (NEARLY all la.. tak sempat jumpa semua!) my juniors happily in their graduation robes and all that but suddenly this morning, I'm in this unbelievable mood.. God! Help me..

Really, these are the days when I completely don't understand myself!

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