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Friday, August 12, 2005

Congrats to graduates of 2005!


Like I 'blogged' (ade ke perkataan canni?) earlier, 10th August was the graduation day of my juniors. Congratulations to all!

I started the journey to the main campus around 11, I think! I had to wait for Sha's class to end and yippee! Since I already got my cheque for my tuition classes, I thought it would be a good idea to bank-in the cheque that morning. Unluckily for me, it turned out that the cheque was a Public Bank cash cheque (I only knew it when the Bank Islam officer told me about it.. talk about being ignorant me!) so I had to go all the way to Bagan Serai to get my money and since I still had a bit more time left, I went to Tabung Haji across the street to save the money. Yup, literally 'save' it since it won't be safe in my hands a minute longer!

After picking up Sha at her sister's shop, we went to SSF in Butterworth for some last minute gifts (I totally forgot about Shasha, Dgon, Mek Chu and Na). Thank God I remembered the cute candles I found in this store a few weeks earlier. Sha went upstairs to find some ribbons while I browsed at this gift bag display to select some before going downstairs in the direction of the candles. We spent some time laughing at each other in the car for our last minute efforts in trying to make everyone happy (yeahh, right haha..) when Pojie called panicky (Err.. truth is, he didn't really sound THAT panicky, I was more panicked than him, I guess hehe)! Apparently his parents passes were still with him and he was supposed to be in the hall in an hour so we rushed to Penang, (as opposed to our initial idea to take our own sweet time) in order to help my brother in distress here hehe.. cian dia!

I don't remember being so forgetful but I took the wrong turn and had to enter USM using the main gate at Batu Uban.. menyesal giler! We were bumper to bumper with other cars! The two-minute drive took almost half an hour and since Alem and Pojie wanted to pray, I asked to meet them at the masjid.

It wasn't long after me and Sha arrived that we saw Alem and Pojie. Now, Pojie, I meet him nearly everyday so seeing him didn't make any differance (ok la.. ok la.. ade la differance skit.. comel adik akak pakai suit hahaha..) but when I saw Alem, I suddenly remembered how much I missed him and the others (ref: 'I miss you guys' - April 2005) iskk.. .

Anyway, after their prayers, me and Sha (I guess I did the 'forcing' here.. "Pakai gak jubah SEKARANG!!") helped them into their robes. Waaahhh.. this proud feeling overwhelmed me. I felt like a mother hen beaming upon her growin-up chicks (Err.. not that I'm a 'mak ayam' and the boys are 'chicks' haha.. c'mon la you guys, I can't find a more suitable metaphor!!). I insisted on some 'before-officially-a-graduate' ' snapshots before I shooed them off. Still, sangat bangga seeing them in their robes! A while later, I met Zaidi, Hasni and Akmal, all with smiles on their faces. Zaidi's robe was too big for him though, sapu lantai ah!

I had to wait for Pojie's parents before I was able to go anywhere, but just their luck, his brother dropped them off at the masjid. I was afraid they won't be able to get into the DTSP in time, its quite a walk from the masjid so takpa la, jadik escort sekali sekala, dak? Haha.. I didn't have problems dulu so I don't like seeing other parents have this kind'a problem.. ye la, USM kan tempat bermain dulu heheh.. me, Iwan, Adi and Soraya would walk all the way from SKSG to USM *sigh* Those were the days, kan Soraya!

After making sure everything was ok, I went to find Sha before proceeding to the Lecture Theaters to view the event on the screen. We got this comfortable room, with only 10 people in it, though it took a while to realize kenape sikit sangat orang! At first the telecast was going quite fine, but ape ke mendenye ntah, when it was time for Civil Engineering graduates, screen padam!!! Bengong tul.. Berlari² la ngan Sha and Fizah (Salwa's sis) to find another room. Luckily, they had this small tv outside one room so we just sat in front of the tv, obscuring everyone else from watching it haha.. sangat selfish ah!

After the last Civil Engineering student had left the stage, I went with Sha to go find a video casstte for her camera. I wanted to watch Lily, Hasni, Nanie, Alem, Helmi and Mozac bla.. bla.. blaa.. but I already promised Sha. Besides, she wanted to meet her friend who had graduated that morning. Turned out her friend was my junior in AlMashoor. When Sha introduced us, she told us she knew me. I was a bit embarressed for forgetting her when she recited my FULL NAME but when she re-introduced herself, her name rang a bell! She was shorter then, but has grown to be a lovely young lady here.

Suprises of suprises, I met SORAYA! Yup, SORAYA THE MUM.. and she hasn't changed a bit since the last few years.. silap, not few lah.. I've known her since forever!! Hmm.. I must write an entry about you one day, gal! Miss you lotssss! She was calling out to me, and being the short sighted me, I didn't recognize her at first, assuming she was calling out to another 'Ayu' when suddenly, "ADA KA BUAT TAK KENAL PLAK!!" *gulp* Hey, its my ol' pal and buddy! Hehe, sorry.. seriously tak perasan! With 'Ayu' being such a common name, I always have this kinda problem!

Anyway, after helping Fizah choose some flowers for Salwa, we headed back to the expo. I was mighty thirsty, I must have drank 4 glasses of water! As 4.45 approaceh, me and Sha returned to the car to get our gifts, besides, Sha wanted to pary. But just as we were going there, we received a phone call saying the graduates had already exited *shoot*

Sha prayed while I arranged the gifts. I felt like Santa Clause with two enormous paper bags filled with my 'special edition' Bears for my favourite brothers and sisters (takde le banyak beno pun, just for a select few!), chocolates for the others as well as the candles I just bought!

The first person I met was Pok Su! I gave him his gift and took pictures with him. Waaa, lama dah tak ngarut ngan Pok Su kan? He is one of those juniors that I just got to know but I feel as if I've known him longer. Then I saw Nanie and marched over to congratulate her. She was with Remy and someone please remind me to tell Remy that most of our juniors had this idea that Nanie was Remy's girlfriend haha..

Then I met Ramlah a.k.a Wamlah! Finally I get to meet Edi, her boyfriend who's always suspicious whenever I 'kidnap' Wamlah. After that is was a blur. There was Hisham, Ansar, 'Tanjung Pemalu' (forced him to take pictures with me ;)), Yuhyi bla.. blaa.. Their joy was infectious and before long, I was feeling the same way I felt exactly 3 years ago.

Btw, Jida sent me an sms then, congratulating me on our graduation in 2002! Yup Jida, we did it! The final three-year engineering programme students in USM, BUT, we made it!

Back to that day, I was looking around for my other juniors when Imin called and I finally spotted him at the Dataran Merah. Yeah, as usual, pictures were taken! Then further on, I met Ajha, Syidah and Nije before finally locating Alem! His camera was with me and I felt a bit guilty not finding him earlier. Dia sibuk cari Jiha masa tu, seems like it was time to MEET the PARENTS hehe.. (and I don't think I need to say AGAIN that pictures were taken). Then, Lilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! She came with her 'friend', new one this time tho' tak sempat nak gossip here and waaaaah, I miss her very much too! :'( Couldn't talk too much with her though, segan ngan her 'friend'!

Helmi called and I rushed to find him. This is one of the juniors I'm close to too, and boy, I miss him just as much as the others! Azah had already gone back to Transkerian by that time.. oooo, cari akak bile Azah dah balik je ye.. ampeh!

Then there were pictures with Na, Shitah, Spyder and Nisa' (mana bleh berpisah duorang nih hehe), Mamat, and finally the 'reunion' with Salwa.. susah giler nak cari minah ni! And yes, pictures *sentance truncated for too much repetition here*

Tried to find Pojie, his bag was still in my car, but the phone reception was terrible. Should've known really, its not as if I hadn't experienced this before, huh? Hehe, he wanted to introduce me to 'someone' but takde rezeki because of the darn reception! Len kali suh Maxis do something with the lines so phones could still be used eventhough in this 'congested' environment. Hmmm.. seems like I'm seeing nearly all my 'adik ipars' today, huh? :)

By 6.30pm, my legs were feeling like lead. Really killing me! Sakit giler kaki and I don't wear heels. Just imagine how tortured my feet would be if I did! I walked back to the masjid quite slowly now, joking with Sha about our graduating friends. Pojie finally emerged just as I was sitting down. Nope, I'm not gonna say I took pictures (hahah..just said it). Akmal was nearby too so I gave him his gift AND *not saying it again haha*

As we were heading out, Alem came so I parked balik to talk with him. This cheeky guy sangat suka mengusik me! "Tu la kak Ayu, dulu adik² ramai, seronok la.. sekarang kitorg dah takde, mesti sunyi kan!"

Waaa, I didn't realize I was crying until I saw him laughing! Ampeh nyer Alem, suka sangat usik orang masa tengah sentimental.. but its true, I really miss them. I mean, bile la lagi boleh jumpa? :'( When Zariman came and saw me crying, I had to endure him teasing me for a while. Cover skit when I handed him his chocolates but he already saw my face la haha..

I drove Alem to his car near the Health Centre and once again he took the chance to make me wanna hide my face. Alah Alem, akak tak kecik ati nyer ;p nanti dah takde sape nak usik² akak dah pasnih waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...! Couldn't even wave goodbye to him, nanti kene gelak lagi plak hehe..

Anyway, after that, we went to Prangin to buy some of my personal things before heading off to the campus to go 'mengepau' Akmal. Drove all the way to Taiping for it and I finally reached home at 3.30am.

One thing I realized, I REALLY miss them so much and I know that the next few days would be Ayu-being-sentimental days.. Alem, Helmi, Lily, Mozac, Sahar, Hasni, Spyder, Pok Su, Imin and the others, boy! I wish they were still here.. its been so quiet without them :( Going to their graduation has made me really smile and like I said earlier, the only way to describe it all is.. WOW!

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