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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oppppppsss.. not another blunder!

Ok.. ok.. only NOW do I realize the dangers of blogging haha..

My previous entry was when I was feeling so down in the dumps, but I guess, its also like an online diary where everyone can see whats on your mind.. <-- This coming from a girl who once thought (and still does) that diaries are one of the most hilarious @ ridiculous things on earth (Okay, I'm not being sensitive here to those who think otherwise, sorry!)

But then again, I don't have a personal diary (Yuck!! No offense to others here!) for my 'outlet' and most of the time, I just react on impulse i.e. go find my blog! So to you guys who've read some of my self-pity entries, don't judge me from all that okay.. please! Maybe I'm like that all the time, but maybe I'm not.. yeah, rightey haha..

But hey.. not ALL my entries are soaked in low self confidence.. I think laaa..

Besides, I realize that I have all of you by my side whenever I'm down. So guys, I love all of you!!! Muaaaahhhhhhhhh *big sloppy kiss here, with a big bear hug*

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