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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The curious incident of Ayu

I just finished reading 'The Cuirous Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' and was reviewing it here when it suddenly struck me that I had an idea for a new entry.. so here goes!

I enjoyed the book thoroughly, very much laid-back kind'a book here. Maybe, to some extent, it has made me understand more about the world of the 'special' people around us. For example, in this book, the narrater Christopher Francis Boone a.k.a Chris is the one with what he calls as 'special needs'. He tells the story in such an innocent way, you can't help to feel touched by it.. and suprises of suprises, I found that I couldn't much put down the book once I started reading it, though it didn't have any thriller parts or whatsoever to keep me glued to it.

Some things DO disturb me though. Can anyone answer me here: is there anything as half autistic or something like that? Coz I found some similairities here.. errr..

1. Chris always used numbers to calm him down eg. counting to a hundred then calculating the square or cube for each number --> I used to do that whenever I was upset! Somehow, I realize that numbers had this calming affect on me and I was always trying to solve mathematical problems in my head, just for the fun of it. Numbers were so fascinating (dulu la, now sometimes I DO feel quite sick of numbers).Even when I'm tired of a journey, I'd add up the plate numbers, in my head la, of all cars I can see and try to relate them together. Sometimes I'd give the letter their respective numbers, accordingly la (eg A=1, B=2..) and try to relate the whole plate numbers and letters all together.

2. He doesn't like public toilets or public places, fearing germs, I think! --> I always had this very extensive imagination of germs. Remember the Dettol advert where there were these germs crawling all over the place? I think I deserve a royalty everytime the advert is aired since I had imagined all that dari dulu lagi haha.. I'd hate touching toilet doorknobs or taps bla.. bla.. bla.. coz I'd imagine the germs people have left before me, then I'd scrub my hand with soap till I think all the germs have gone away. But then, I’d have to open the door to the toilet, right, to get out, and I’d be squirming all over again

3. Chris loves facts and hates it when people get them wrong --> For the meager facts I have stored in my head, I'm like this too. And I always get this urge to correct other people's facts and grammer when I realize its wrong. Luckily, I'm too shy to talk to people I don't know plus the fact that I've taught myself to bite my tongue whenever I feel like doing it. I mean, people don't really like it, do they? Never REALLY tried correcting people, I usually just do it in my head! Beside, it will seem so rude, right?

4. Chris hated to have his carefully planned day disrupted --> when I was smaller, I always knew my schedule. Wake up at 5.30am, bathed at 5.35am until 5.50am and got dressed in my already pressed school uniform. But say my schedule was disrupted by me waking up late, my whole day would turn all higgledy-piggledy. That would still be okay if its my fault, but if its disturbed by someone else, say, Iwan or Adi decides to take an early shower, I’d wait outside our bathroom while suppressing this need to scream out loud or throw and tantrum. Nope, I never did scream or throw the tantrum, afraid it’ll upset Mama’s schedule plak, but believe me, I wanted to!

5. He lives with diagrams, tables, rules --> Gosh! Whenever I think of things such as the days of the week, I could only imagine them in diagrams where my Sundays are all red in colour, just like a calendar so whenever I wanna plan anything, I conjure up this image of the week or month OR year! That doesn’t only happen to days, weeks, months bla.. bla.. And how bout rules? Eversince I was small, I hated breaking rules, even if the rules could be bended because Abah was the one who made the rules for his students (Don’t eat in the lab or the lecturer’s rooms --> Its his room and he just loved to make me eat in his room so he could see me go all uncomfortable). Doesn’t matter if my friends are rule breakers (err, small rules la.. not big² ones), I’d still stick to the regulations without question!

6. Elaboration to the tiniest detail --> Since Chris finds most things fascinating, he just loves to share them eg, his A Level Maths paper that could’ve been answered in 10 or less line but he took 3 pages just to show how he likes the question. How does it relate to me? Well, just take a look at my long entries in my blog.. and that’s just a tiny glimpse into how I really am.. enough said!

7. Gosh! I can’t remember this last point I lost due to the internet connections here

Hahah.. now what was I thinking???

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