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Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Try of Wan Chik's Specialty

Every raya, my favourite place to go is Wan Chik's house.. and its totally for the GREAT FOOD reason heheh..

She makes the greatest EVERYTHING! Her tompayak is just right and her tempoyak masak is the best. I remember one day when we arrived at her house and she had all this spread on the table. I wasn't really hungry but when I saw her tempoyak masak, I knew I just had to go get a small plateful of hot nasik. You see, even in Pt Buntar, I don't know where they sell tempoyak masak. Sure you could easily get some kuah tempoyak (ok la, not that easy la tp bleh la jumpe jugak) but tempoyak masak is so rare, I could only cross my fingers everytime balik kampung, hoping that someone would be making it (nmpk sgt la tak tau buat kaaaaaann)

Well, naturally the small plateful turned into a few platefuls when you add Izati to the equation and Wan Chik just shook her head seeing me and Izati sharing platefuls of hot nasik with her tempoyak masak. Lauk lain, sumer dah ditolak ke tepi, hokey!

Anyway, during raya, its her rendang and daging masak hitam. We'd call her from Penang otw to Kuale (we here refers to me and Izati.. whom Mama refers to as 'anak sedare Wan Chik yg buruk perangai' haha..) and remind her to keep some for us as we're keeping our tummies empty just to fill it with those raya specialties.

However, the past few years have seen us liking another dish she loves to make, especially since they now have to cut down on the red meat due to age (Hahah.. makcik ku dah tua!). Now, I never really liked eating this kind of food in public since I'm not really the neatest eater.. tp umah Wan Chik je pun kan! She doesn't even have to serve it to us as we'd sometimes just go straight to the kitchen for it.

Once, I asked her how she makes it and she gave me a 'review' of making it since you know la how org dulu² masak bukan tau nak sukat², main agak je pun bleh sedap, kan. I had planned on making it for a while now (I asked her ade kot 2 years ago) but never really got the chance (or kerajinan) to make it myself. The living-alone excuse is also something I'd use here jugak and I'd rahter wait for the two yearly rayas to eat her konpem-sedap one as opposed to ntah-ape-rasenye-nnt version I might make.

Somehow, this month has seen me a bit rajin in the kitchen. And when I say rajin, I mean that I cook my meals almost everyday. The almost bit tu sebab when I cook, I usually have to eat the same thing for the next 4-5 days since I'm living alone and you can't possibly cook in too-small portions, kan?

And yes, that also means a bit rajin going to the market in Pt Buntar hehe.. boley?

So there I was one Sunday morning, buying a few thing I thought I'd need for what I was about to make. So I'm not good at the main-agak-je-bile-masak thingey.. but hey! I DO try!

Back home, I cut up the shallots and garlic. Then washed and cut some other thingeys I got at the market..

..waaaaa! Sgt suke ok bile tgk ade org jual KERANG yang dah takde kulit.. senang keje sy heheh.. Got half a bowl for only about RM2.

Then I fried some tauhu and boiled some eggs since people usually put this for the garnishing..

and then I started to cook while trying my best to remember what Wan Chik told me.

And an hour later, I had some piping hot gravy.. yeay!

So here it is, presenting my first ever MEE KARI!

Heheh.. ok! So dah nak masuk 32 16 baru nak masak mee kari for the first time?

The taste? Okay la.. but still not confident to make for guest since Wan Chik punye somehowtaste way better than this one. Hmm, looks like I need a few more experiments first la kot ehh..


Kruzar said...

I pun tak penah masak mee kari ok..heheh

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Same la sy gak, kak Zarien.. ni 1st time.. perlu diperbaiki baru berani nak jamu org heheh