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Sunday, February 19, 2012

And its back.. yeay! Tp susah ati masih ade.. *sigh*

So I got my car back yesterday. An hour before my 4.30pm class, the workshop called saying I could get my car. Seb bek Arep ade umah so mntk tolong dia anto kan ke workshop..

Hmm, terase sgt la menyusahkan umah no 40 ni. Yesterday I had planned to go to class jln kaki kan, but Sepul saw me as I was closing my gate last night and he sent me to class as well as fetched me back when I had finished.. tak yah la jalan kaki gi tuition kan cam time form 4 and form 5 dulu! Mekasih jiran²!

I felt a bit malu to not pay the full amount but the apek and his wife were kind enough to act as if it was nothing. The apek even asked me privately if I had any money 'untuk you punya belanja bulan ni' as he could let me pay even less this month but I was thinking, takmo la utang bnyk². Who knows kang bulan depan kot masalah lain pulak (which was actually the case since I just knew that the fees are supposed to be paid THIS MONTH, bkn bulan depan! Aiyoo.. sorry la USM, sy utang dulu.. uwaaa, nak nangis balikkk!)

Gosh! It felt so good to have my car back wpun berpisahnye 2 hari je pun. I didn't have my car for aorund a month ape dulu after the accident, lagi lame. But this time it felt so much longer, tatau nape..

Still, my head masih pening with financial issues ni..

..but for the meantime, I'm gonna have to be a petty 'penjenayah' for a while, driving without valid insurance and roadtax. Waaaa, nasib baik la kelas malam aje (Sabtu je ade kelas ptg which I would have to cross my fingers spjg kelas that JPJ takde nak dtg check kerete² yg duk parking since I really can't afford missing anymore classes)

Wow! I hope one day I'll be able to read this without feeling sick to the pit of my stomach..

I hope..

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