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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

AlMashoor (P) Reunion

Last Sunday, a few of my seniors in AlMashoor had organized a reunion for our small school.. and I regret to say that I didn't join in.


I was so excited about this when kak Rid had suggested it but in the end, due to the budget constraints I'm still suffering since the accident (I know, dah berbulan kan!) and well, also because I had forgotten that I'd promised a teacher I'd take over his class that day, I couldn't join in the fun.

I thought I wouldn't miss on much.. but when I looked at the pictures by kak Melia (btw, photos are credit to her) and Sir Chong, I realized I missed out on A LOT! Ruginye~~

Why? Why do I say rugi?!? Coz some teachers also came for the reunion and the school was more than happy to let us use the dining hall for the reunion.

I'd joined in on the discussion and was among the first ones to vote for BIHUN KUAH LAKSA as one of the item on the menu.. Somehow, we only find this in AlMashoor. And somehow, EVERYONE wanted Pak Cik Mat to make it hehe.. tp takde rezeki, Pak Cik Mat dah lama gantung periuk. He doesn't do the canteen (ours OR other places) anymore.. rugi nye!

Some of the seniors had gone to school earlier for the reunion. Letters and official stuff and they had uploaded pictures of our dear, cute school.. cute?!?! Well, it actually is cute coz I'm pretty sure we're the smallest school in Penang. We only have ONE U-shaped block.. no field but a court in the middle.. and thats all! Comel la kan kirenye tu hehe..

Anyway, from the pictures, I noticed a lot of change in my school.. and I wish I could see it for myself instead of just through the pictures.

From the pictures posted, I realized that my favourite teacher ever: Cikgu Nooriah (purple tudung) also came! Memang sgt rugi coz I really want to thank her in person for being the one who made me love maths. I always try to be a teacher just like she was but I know I fall short in most things. Still, all the right things I do when teaching is all due to her.

Beside her is Teacher Mariah. I never really had any classes with Teacher Mariah but she was the secretary for the school PTA and Abah was the president so I got to know her pretty well, along with her family too.

Then there was also Cikgu Pah (sitting in the middle below)! My add maths teacher in forms 4 and 5.. and she doesn't seem to change a bit! Some students were afraid of her.. me included especially since I'm always forgetful about any letters she asks me to give Abah (she was the PTA treasurer). But I love her class. She was the one who made my class take on the Pusat Kecemerlangan Matematik project for our school and I still remember the fun we had in setting it up. Oh.. she also has the prettiest signature in school! All curly and curvy.. tho I never dared to tell her that.

On Cikgu Pah's (Errkk.. Cikgu Shariffah Affiffah!) right is Ckgu Zakirah who taught me for a few months when she just arrived in AlMashoor around the time I was in form 2.. I think?!?!

But on Cikgu Pah's left is another favourite teacher, Cikgu Azizah who taught us Kemahiran Hidup.. and she too seems to not hove changed at all.. ehh, ape ni?! Nape cikgu² mcm tk berubah pun?!?!

Cikgu Azizah was the most motherly teacher in school. We could talk to her about anything and ask her so many questions about growing up. There was never a dull moment in her class and I really wished I could meet her since my last class with her was when I was in form 3 la kan.

Then there was also Cikgu Khairana.. the library teacher AND pakar Geography sekolah hehe.. and she also doesn't look as if she aged since I last had my class (in form 3) with her.. why ah?!?! Awet mude je pun sumer cikgu² sy ni.. ape rahsia?!?!

And last but not least.. SIR CHONG!!

Hahah.. ok! Those who read my blog since I first wrote this blog would probably notice his name in one of my earlier enties. The teacher I resented only because he had teased me ONCE after a history test in form 2. I didn't talk with him till I was in form 5 (Ohh~~ Sungguh buruk perangai ku) even when he was still as nice as ever. And yes, he is one of the nicest teachers who actually emailed me when he found my email on the net a few years ago. Macam malu kan sy dok buat perangai camtu dulu hahah..

And this is the only teacher who'd use coloured chalks when teaching. He taught me history and the blackboard was filled with his colourful doodles.. till now, he's the ONLY teacher I know who does this!

I heard that they had a lot of fun during the reunion.. saje nak bg sy jeles la tu.. uwaaaa~~

Anyway, here's another picture from kak Melia's FB. My cute and small school. These two joint blocks were the academic area during my time. The third block was the hostel. We only had around 500++ students then.. and that was counting form 6 students.


I really wish I had gone to the reunion. Now I can only hope they'd be kind enough to organize another one (kak Melia ade ckp cam ura² nak buat a bigger one around raya nanti) in the near future. Till then, dok ulang bukak FB kak Melai and Sir Chong la to look at the photos..

This entry was 'dijanakan' oleh tindakan Cikgu Nooriah tagging me to Cikgu Nasar's photo hahah.. Ohhh, berdosa tak klau sy nak tulis pasal dia one of these days?!?! Of course la takkan buh the said gambo, kang kantoi with him, how?! Heheh..


mamaeesya said...

Cam tak ramai jer join... Kalau kami pegi, mungkin agak terpinga-pinga di situ.. Hahaha...

Ayu Ikhwani said...

A'ah.. tak la sampai ratus² org dtg.. yg dlm gambo tu sbhgn je jugak sbb diorg dtg tak same mase n balik pun tak same mase.. lgpun long weekend kan.. CNY plak tu, mesti ramai takmo balik Png takut jam heheh.. tp diorg buat bersungguh.. kwn² akak ade gak yg nak dtg tp on call lah ape lah.. yg bes tu sbb cikgu² sudi turun.. n sbb akak cam tak kenal skolah kite hehe.. bleh tak ade public phone dlm skolah (Ok, abaikan the fact tak ramai org gune public phone) tp ingt tak dulu, ade satu je phone kat padang kecik dpn tu heheh.. berebut tuuuu.. =p