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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Being a 16-year-old Grown Up Lady! Err, lady?!?!

A'ah.. LADY lah sgt kaaaaaaannnn..

I just noticed that this year, I haven't blabbled about my students yet. Padahal sebelum² ni, by the first week of class there'd already be an entry on my new classes kan..

Two days ago I had my form 3 class in Pt Buntar. To tell you the truth, almost half of the class are my ex-students either since they were in form 1 or in form 2 so I'm used to most of them. Penah gaduh² with them during World Cup 2010 when they were in form 1, penah laugh at one boy (Puya yg ade bulu mate sgt panjang and lentik) coz he didn't know how to whistle and there I was, sengaje whistle kuat² (well, as loud as I could je la) to irk him saaaaaaaaaaampai la dia blaja whistle sendiri hehe..

Anyway, during this particular class, I noticed that a few of the girls had written "Puan Ayu" on the teachers name slot on their book.


Oiiii, nape sy tatau pun saya dah kawen?

It wasn't just this class, mind you, a few other new students pun ngan selambenye tulis Puan Ayu, ok!

So I had jokingly scolded them saying that I didn't know I was married so would they please show me WHO my husband was since I seemed to have lost him. Kelam kabut la kau kan nak padam balik 'Puan' tu hahah..

As I continued my class (we were doing angles in circles so they had to measure the angles they had drawn while I went around checking their work), I had a sudden rush of raised hands, indicating they weren't sure of their work so I had to go check one by one. What amused me was when they asked me, while I was checking their work, "Betul ke cikgu tak kawen lagi?"

Aikkk.. sibuk pulak la korg ni!

I ignored their questions and laughed while continued to guide them and check their work. However, it seemed that they had decided my personal life was more important than angles from the same chord and they continued to asked me.. earnestly ok! Bkn mcm nak mengusik ke ape ke, but like seriously couldn't believe what I had just announced in class.

Biar betul korang ni!

Yg tak bleh tahan was this boy, Afif Azhan. I taught him since last year. An intelligent boy but VERY quiet.. and boleh tak dia bisik kat sy tanye, "Cikgu, memang betul ke cikgu tak kawen lagi? Cakap laaa.." And not once tau, tp sepanjang kelas he kept pretending of wanting to ask me something about circles and instead kept repeating the question.

Ek eleh korg..

At first I was amused. But then I realized, they way they were asking indicated that they think I'm married was because to them, I look like a long-ago married woman.. Uwaaaaaaaaaaa~~ Ape ni?

And I thought I looked young enough..

Kecik ati ok!

When I first started teaching, I had some normal student-teacher crushes which embarassed me more than the student when I found they had written my name and theirs in hearts or within chains at the back of their books or on the desks. I've had students asking me if I would ever like anyone younger than myself, say, like their own age. I've had primary school kids telling me if I'm not married when they grow up, will I please marry them.

While all this is amusing and definitely colours my life (chumel ok bile bdk kecik ajak sy kawen!), I never thought I'd see the day where my students don't believe me when I say I'm not married.. just because they think I LOOK like a married woman! Waaaa, do I really look THAT old?!?

*nangis tak berlagu sambil tengok bulan and petik guitar*

I finished my class quickly that day and went home feeling a bit miffed and offended! I made up my mind that this year, I'm no longer gonna tell my students that I'm 16 and am gonna go for a larger number, say, 17? <--Tak maluuuuuuuuuu hahah..

The whole of today, I was filled with this realization that saying I'm 16 has been very ridiculous on my part and that I should stop being so childish..

Sob.. Sob.. there goes my 'innocence'..

I went to todays form 3 class at Jawi feeling more or less like I did yesterday. Was reminding myself to stop joking about being ridiculously young untill..

I was catching up with my ex-student who is in form 4 this year. A few younger kids were passing us and they were teasing my student calling me 'awek'..


Ohhh.. *senyuman sudah kembali ke muke sy*

Still, I tried to hold on to my new resolve and laughingly told those kids, "Sy ni cikgu laaa.."

Boleh tak budak² tu siap patah balik to us just to take a closer look at me and said, "Tipuuuu.."

Ohh, I'm in heaven! Budak² kan tak pandai menipu.

It took a few (lame) attempts from me to prove I'm not a student yg pass as awek budak form 4 before those kids believed me and cepat² mintak maaf sbb 'takut cikgu marah' hahah.. boleh?

Now I've forgotten my resolve yesterday coz suddenly sy pass as awek budak form 4.. so still sweet 16 la kannnnnn..

..and to budak² 3 org tu who made my day (or night), Ailebyu laaaaahhhhh ♥

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