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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Melayang lagi laaaaa~~

Nape dia ni still nmpk cool wpun kete rosak? Tak mcm sy pun arituu..

So yesterday I got my cheque for the month. Was quite happy with the amount since ade budak² byr utang so there was a bit extra which I REALLY needed. Lets see the checklist off hand:

1. Car insurance and road tax - Gosh! After the accident, I knew that my insurance would sky-rocket since the NCD value tu dah tiade *sigh* Been trying to find my old receipts to check how much I actually paid for the first time dulu but couldn't find it yet. I remember that I had set aside RM1000 though so to be on the safe side, I thought I'd set aside the same amount too this time around. InsyaAllah ade duit lebih kat situ though I'm not sure how much

2. Pay at least a third of my Maxis bill. This is the longest my phone has been barred. Usually its ot even one month but as for today, its like 4 months dah kot.. aiyakkk~~ It doesn't help that even though your phone kene bar, your monthly bill still jalan.. nangis ok!

3. Pay utility bills yg bulan lepas tak dpt byr due to budget yg berlari² anak.

4. Pay the house rent.. as usual la..

5. Buy this terrific book for some of my married/soon-to-be-married friends. Dulu I used to buy this book for all my friends yg nak kawen coz its very useful (testimonial from friends yg dpt this book from me) so I had been buying this book for my friends since then. Due to the budget restriction I've had since the accident, I couldn't manage to buy it for my friends yg dah kawen/tunang since November so I planned to buy them this month. Kene beli around 7 plak tuuu.. ooohhh~

So that is like the short list off-hand la kan.. But my car had other ideas..


Remember I once wrote that my engine seemed a bit noisier after I got it back from the workshop? I thought it was an aftermath of the accident and that was the best the workshop could do so I didn't really complain or anything. Then a few weeks ago, I noticed that my car seems a bit, how do you say it? Susah masuk gear?!?!

Well, after cashing my cheque at Bagan Serai just now, I had originally planned to go straight to the insurance company for the renewal but along the way back to Pt Buntar, I noticed that my car seemed to be.. slow and stalling. I don't know how to describe it but it doesn't feel the way I usually feel when driving and it kinda alarmed me.

Since the workshop was nearer than the insurance company, I decided to drop by the workshop first and it was a good thing I did coz as the car neared the workshop, it became harder and more uncomfortable for me to drive.

Turned out, my gearbox had gone kaput!

Ok.. this is bad..

I remembered one of the first things Toroque had told me when I first got my car. And as I remember, the words gearbox+rosak should not be in the same sentance as 'takde duit'.. huwaaaa..

I was dreading the quotation.. and sure enough, once I got it, I burst into tears!

*Bodo la Ayu, sikit² nak nangis.. Malu la skit! Ce macho skit instead of feeling as if the world was suddenly spining out of its axis*

Ok, I was trying my best to stop but the damn tears just won't do as told..

So many things were going through my mind as the cash I just received barely covered the costs.. and I still needed to at least pay for the insurance and road tax. A quick desperate calculation in my head revealed that I was very much in trouble.. which just made me wanna hide somewhere until I could control myself.

I knew, if I paid for the gearbox, I'd never be able to pay for any of the above. Yet I also understood that if I didn't pay for the gearbox, I'd have NO CAR to go to class to get money for next month. I knew I had no choice but..

In the end, I guess maybe because I've been a frequent customer (?) at this workshop, the apek told me that I didn't have to pay the full price yet. It was suggested that I pay around 80% of the whole service and pay the remaining once I got my next pay. That way, I'd have a bit of money to use for the month..

Well, I'm saying je la its because I'm a regular at this workshop.. for all I know, the apek kesian seeing the sorry state I was.. dush!

And to tell you the truth, kat office diorg ade tulis this sign that all transactions have to be paid fully, takde utang²!

Macam malu tak?


Still, I was grateful.. wpun rase mcm kenape la lantai ni tak telan sy atas rase malu yang amat sgt kat the apek and his wife.

And to add insult to the injury (ok, tak la teruk sgt kan), I had to leave my car at the workshop while they worked on it. Tak tau la brape hari kan. But aiyakkk! I REALLY couldn't afford to miss my classes since this was my only source of income. Tambah pulak I have to pay for the fees next month (on top of baru bulan depan leh byr insurance and roadtax kannnn).. Adoi! And I thought my money issues could be solved by the next paycheck..

Seb bek kelas mlm ni sudi dibantu oleh Arep so for tonights class, I already have my helpful neighbour who'd go out of his way just to send and fetch me back (sbb kelas mlm ni kat Jawi kan). Tomorrow night at Pt Buntar and it looks like a very good time for me to have a long walk to the tuition centre memandangkan its within walking distance la jugak.. alaa, dulu form 5 pun jalan kaki jugak pegi tuition. Lagi jauh..

Ok.. nak nangis balik! ='(

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