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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Suke duke kelas cuti sekolah..

..tajuk entry tak leh blah! Hahah..

Anyway, its the fourth week of class and another 2 weeks to go. Thought I'd have my classes figured but.. aishhh.. heheh.. mcm² perangai la diorg.

Class in Pt Buntar has around 30 students, mostly from boarding schools and dominated by girls. I have at least 2 ex-students in that class (I taught them in form 1). As usual, Pt Buntar classes are the noisy ones.. but a lot less than my class last year. Ok la, suke jugak ☺ They make me laugh most of the time as opposed to being afraid of my class two years ago hehe..

As usual, I get the questions on which school I'm teaching and all that, to which I'd just smile and tell them, "Rahsia!" Abis la kang klau diorg tau sy bkn cikgu sebenar.. ala² cikgu palsu gitu hahah..

Then my class in Jawi, though usually quiter than Pt Buntar but noisy nonetheless. But this year, suprises of suprises, diorg mmg senayp giler wpun dominated by male students. Serius! Boleh ke, when I give them any excercises ke ape ke, diorg buat dgn sgt senyap. The expression, "Its so quiet, you could hear a pin drop" sgt lah boleh apply in this class. Sampai I takut nak gelak or ape ke sbb terase sgt bergema suareku selepas itu.

Earlier, they didn't even talk in class and it was kinda strange coz students kan suke sembang. But now, rajin jugak la diorg nak bersembang dlm kelas.. we got into an 'argument' on the Malaysia vs Vietnam match the other day haha.. Then one day. They heard my UpinIpin 'Btul³, salah!' tone when I got a message. Pastu mule la dengar tone Doraemon and Kim Possilbe plak dalm kelas hehe.. sabo je lah bdk² ni ☺

A disadvantage of my school holidays is I 'get to see' the Teacher-From-Hell almost everyday.. sheesh! Sgt tak suke, ok.. I wrote about him dulu --> here

I was going to my class, right next to administration counter, when I realized he was sitting there. I wanted to pretend I didn't notice him when tetibe je dia tegur my register (which I had wrapped in Butterfly wrapping paper). But since I've always been 'allergic' to him, I couldn't even manage a smile, let alone a decent reply. Lantak ngkau la.. Sy dah tak larat nak buat baik ngan orang yg suke cari pasal ngan kelas sy bertahun² dah. I've lost respect for him eversince he pinched my Indian student just because of her race.. bangang!

But a plus of it was: I got a boost of confidence regarding my teaching! Hehe.. ye la, I know la to some people, bende kecik je. But to me, it meant the world when a mother came to see me after class asking if she could 'chup' me for her daughter's tutor next year coz her daughter kept talking about how much she understood maths after being in my class. Sangat made me senyum sampai telinge, ok ♥

And also made me smile was when even students kept asking me if I'd wanna teach them again next year. Believe me, nothing beats that kind of compliment.

Well, another 2 weeks to go before I bid goodbye to most of them.. till then, I'm gonna enjoy my classes and look forward to every single one of it.

Alhamdulillah.. thank God for my classes this time around. No complaints here ☺

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