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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Blog Candy from Scrapcollector

I got this link from kak Lin's blog.

I'm not much of a creative person myself actually, but I've tried my hand at some scrapbooks and handmade cards (which sgt la tak capai tahap kak Lin kan). I love buying all crafty things and I have a few punchers and ribbons and buttons and stickers and flowers and other whatnots at home which I keep (kununnye) for scrapbooks and cards but somehow I feel as if I buy more than I actually use hahah..

Maybe because the creative gene hasn't kicked in yet.. or maybe because of the lack of that gene in me, who knows? Heheh..

Anyways, when I opened the link from kak Lin blog, I was excited on the prize offered. This definitely would help (really?) me untuk bersemangat di arena scrapbooks and handmade card so decided, why not give it a try ☺

Though nak menang mcm sgt la susah kan coz even now pun dah around 100 entries and she only offering ONE prize.. tp mane tau dak?

So anyone of you who'd like to try and win this very impressive gift box full of craft thingeys, sile lah click di site ini -->

These are among the items inserted into the box.. menarik giler!
1.Lots of stamps from various brands like stampendous,hero arts,smirk,house of mouse,G studio,penny black,inkadinkado,and more
2. Bunch of buttons that definetely made your jar loaded
3. Assorted beautiful ribbons
4. Assorted flowers for flowers lovers
5. Bingo card,rhinestone,rub ons
6. Sponge dabber will be greate for you if you love to distress!! :)
7. Color box ink pad
8. Ranger embossing powder
9. Twinkling H2O--Red
10.Xmas card especially for you :)
11..many more to comes!!!

So sile² lah try ye ♥

P/S Also, kak Lin is organizing another, well, can't call it a contest la but you can win one of her cards. Just click here and leave your email ye


anis said...

syoknya tgk all that freebies
tp nak enter malas nak buat hahaha..
me pun tak kreatif sgt, tp dlm hati teringin nak kreatif mcm bloggers US yg i follow tu heheh

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Bes kan.. mau plak klau kite yg dapat heheheheh.. tp yg ni takde rezeki laaa.. takpe lah, len kali try lagik =)