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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Morning disaster =(

I got a new recipe the other day, a Mudcake recipe. I've always loved those types of cakes and couldn't wait to try so when I got a perfect reason to try it out, musti la suke kan..

But it was a bit leceh (which I didn't mind at first) coz I had to find some cream cheese yg thankfully dah senang nak dpt dah kat sini even with the lack of big hypermarkets and also some fresh strawberries (to give some zest to the chocolatey cheesy taste yang boleh memuakkan sesetengah orang). Luckily Kay told me where to find them but I had to pre-book the strawberries since this place ws the only place that provided fresh strawberries.. takpe lah, sanggup la jugak kan.

Then there was the question of choc ganache. I've never really mastered making the choc ganache and to find the cream for it was also, thankfully easy as the cake store sold them. Jgn harap la nak dpt kat Billion ke Econsave ke kan. Then came the question of what choc to try since here you dom't get that many choices of cooking chocolate. I've tried a few brands that have been too sweet or a tad bit too bitter and haven't really found the perfect cooking chocolate that suits my taste.. hmmm, takpe jugak lagi, masih ade mase nak experiment last week.

And thats what I did last Saturday, did my first experiment of the Mudcake and was so happy it turned out okay. Managed to get a lot of 'guinea pigs' like bdk² umah no 40, bdk umah no 12 and also Yun's sister's family who came down town on Saturday and I got good reviews..

Fuh.. lege! So I thought, takkan ade problem la when I wanted to execute the actual project last night.. :(

I was singing happily, looking forward to making it again..

1st disaster, the chocolate I used (I'm NEVER using that one again) seemed to harden a bit too quickly even if I used the same amount of cream as before (different choc brand sbb Sabtu tu I used the bakery punye and next time pun nak gune yg tu je lah). I couldn't get a smooth finish and it was all lumpy.. dah rase kecewe dah ni..

..but I thought I could cover it up with the strawberries.

Finally, it was ready and I was happily trying to move the cake into the cake box for delivary this morning.. that was when the major disaster struck..


Uwaaaa.. ape ni?!?! I was blinking tears dah awal tu when I realized the choc+cheese topping was slopping down on the sides of the cake and the strawberries were falling off of it but when the cake broke in two, tetibe je jadi emosi and I couldn't seem to stop crying like its the end of the world ke ape tah..

..and yes, this morning I went to school with swollen eyes!

Frust nye sy.. experiment aritu jadi je.. why the real thing became a disaster, sy pun tak paham. Padahal the reason I did the experiment on Saturday was because wanted today to be perfect. Now I have no cake for today and I'm still feeling so frustrated with myself.

Hati masih sedih ni..


blackmountain said...

so sorry to hear about your cake disaster..i know the feeling, tgh kita excited about sumtin & it tak jadi, mmg rasa nak nangis huhu.. sabo je la yer..mcm katun shahrin kata, when u don't succeed the 1st time, try, try again..hehhe

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Tu la kak Anis.. mmg frust giler sy.. terbawak² spjg pagi tu.. but thats ok now, I managed to make it right.. yeayyy!

Mama Adriana said...

kesiannya...takpa cuba lagik...bila nak leh rasa kek Ayu nih?

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Aida: Hahaha.. bkn sedap mane pun, saje je suke try =p