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Friday, December 03, 2010

Entry makan saje ☺

At this very moment, I'm still crossing my fingers! Adehhh.. hehe.. tak pernah la plak harap something material camni dgn perasaan yang amat sangat, this is a first! Sampai tak leh tumpu bace thesis Irnis haha.. mcm bulih menang pun.. oh well!

Anyway, to put my mind off it, I just wanted to paste a few pictures of food hahah.. tp bkn sumer sy buat la.. ☺

First one: My first almost-successfull attempt of doing buttercream swirls hehe.. I know, it looks simple but believe me, mine tak penah jadik.. nmpk mcm cream tu SPLATTT atas cupcake je selame ni.. this time, boleh la nak kate jadik, ye tak ?Heheh..

Second one: Sbb suke sgt sowril dah jadik, I did a set for Izati's friend who's been 'admiring' my cupcakes.. adeh Nasyrah oiii.. kak Yong bkn reti but thanx for keeping tabs on my progress hehe.. yg bes tu, dia ckp ayah dia yg tak suke makan manis pun took a lot of the cupcakes hehe.. thanx ye! Berbaloi laa kak Yong bwk dr Nibong Tebal ke Gombak ye =p Sian cupcake tu 'accident' 2 kali heheh..

Third one: Kiwi cheesecake from a friend yang sgt rajin experiment semua recipe yg dia dpt ☺

Forth one: Hehehe.. my feveret roti kirai (bkn sy buat, sy tak reti huhu..) with meat curry and full of potatoes! Suke ~♥~ Thanx! Ade cam mini lemang kat situ sekali yg bau sgt sedap ☺

Fifth one: Banana muffins with whiote choc. I usually shy away from doing muffins. I don't really trust cakey food that don't use self-raising flour but I decided to try this anyway sbb rasenye, sampai bile sy nak phobia buat muffin ye tak? Heheh.. Alhamdulillah la abis.. tp maybe sbb ujan and sumer org lapo la kot hahah..

And final one (Aiyakkk.. number genap la plak.. was hoping for odd numbered pictures): Cupcakes untuk cucu kak G!


iswatie "colours of life" said...

still dok teringat ur pineapple cake nih

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Opssss.. hahah.. alamak! =p