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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Sunday

For the long weekend, I only had ONE totally free day.. SUNDAY! And since my brother Adi was home for hi wedding preparations, I decided to head back to Penang.

First, I needed to go to Abah's since we were meeting there for his wedding discussion. As I was driving, I noticed something hehe.. not important la, but do you guys have these unavoidable dates you just remember. For example, Christmas. You see '25th December' and the only thing that crosses your mind is, well, Christmas. The same was for Sunday. I DON'T celebrate Valentines but can anyone NOT remember the date? I'm sure ALL of you know it, right?

Well, as I was driving, I noticed something on my meter..

Hahaha.. then I realized my mileage was a bit off so I decided to wait a few kilometres before taking this picture plak hehe.. coincidently, I had the same mileage as the date of the day kan ☺

Ye laaa.. not THAT amazing, but I love looking out for numbers (Thats why I can't help remembering some peoples birthdays.. and NOT ALL birthdays are for people I love, the curse of it!)

Then, that night we went to Ferringhi Night Market to find some odds and ends for Adi's hantaran. We didn't find what we were looking for but Adi found the perfect ring case for his hantaran theme: Pirates?!?! Ohhh, tidaaaakkk!~~ Hahaha..

But I also got something I've been searching for long. A Mary Poppins DVD.. okay la, you KNOW la kan that night market jual DVDs camne, but I've tried searching for it for so long so when I found it there, I couldn't help WANTING it! ☺☻☺

And when I went back home, way past midnight, Ikram happily handed me something he knew I'd like..

Videl! Girlfriend si Son Gohan.. yeayyyy! Added to my collection already.. suke okay!

Okay la, wanna sambung my work.. just wanted to make sure my blog tak berabuk here.. have a great week ahead!


Drama Mama said...

haih camna la rupa hantaran adi nanti kan...takleh imagine..hahaha

kalau ada gambar pirate pun ok gak ayu...kasi gempakkkk sikit! :-p

Anonymous said...

thanks you share..................................................

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Bai.. sy pun takde idea.. but Ana n Adi ni org² creative so diorg ade la diea tuh.. I just tolong buat je hehe..