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Monday, February 08, 2010

Cupcakes entry

Okay, I've got exactly 7 minutes for this update before going down for the AcePRO photography session with Sham so I'll make it quick!!

*Fuhhh, sib baik! I've got a writers block here and won't know what to write anyway.. so the 7-minutes-left excuse is plausible.. kan?*

So last week I did two sets, one for Wesam as ordered by kak Fizah. I was a bit afraid since I don't really like taking orders due to the not-experienced-enough excuse. She wanted something brown and I couldn't come up with any fresh idea so I recycled a few old ones. Luckily she was okay with it.. Alhamdulillah!

The next one was for Mama for her 52nd birthday. This one also didn't have much ideas since I'm not that creative and I've exhausted my ideas for the cupcakes sets for kak Jah and kak Iyra hahah.. alasan kaaaaannn! Used pipping jelly here too since I'm beginning to love the bright colours it gives out when compared to buttercream.. though I did feel a bit silly when the 'writings' reminded me of the "I ♥ NY" t-shirts

Oh, btw, both cupcakes were the orange flavoured with tons of choc chips variety! My 2nd current fav flavour nowadays ☺☻☺

Last night plak did another one for abg Azahar. This one was vanilla flavoured but a handful of dual white-and-choc chip were thrown in since I can't seem to get my hands off choc chips nowadays. Just wanted to see how it'll look and taste like, I guess hehe..

Hehe.. sbb this is for a 'traffic engineer', kene la buat bende traffic kan. But though I'm also supposedly a traffic engineer, terpakse gak mntk tolong Mr Google for the exact images. I didn't want my former lecturers (Dr Wan Hashim, Dr Farhan, Dr Meor and Dr Mazlan) malu to mengaku I'm their student kaaaaaannn..

..and last but not least, my usual final photo for leftover cakes and frosting:

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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sungguh rajin buat traffic signs,