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Friday, February 12, 2010

Al Fatihah

Life is fragile.. as I've been reminded this week. As they say, they are 3 things that God 'hides' from you: rezeki, jodoh and ajal. It's, I'd like to think of as, a suprise from Allah to all of us.

Yesterday, our school lost a student, a girl I'm not close to but whom I know as a very nice and friendly girl.I first got to know her on our trip to Sarawak and I regret not making the effort to know her better.

She was on her way to school when she was hit by a speeding car violating the traffic light. That intersection has always been a bit dangerous as cars from the through lanes don't usually like stopping at the red light in front of our campus, but this time, it went too far.

It was clearly her right of way as the light was green but the driver of the other car didn't care.. and as a result, a terrible accident happened which took the life of a kind hearted girl.

Yes, I know.. I'm sure some people would say, "Dah ajal dia!", I get it already okay. ALL OF US get it. ALL OF US understand it was her time and frankly I'm getting sick of people saying that all the time. Sy faham, bende tu dah tertulis okay but don't you guys get frustrated at things like that too.. saying that doesn't help much.

The thing is, it happened without a fault of hers. She was abiding the law while the person who had no respect to our law got away. I'm pretty sure at HIS country, they had the same law, so no excuse there!

I wonder how he got his international driving license?!?!

Most of us were mad, a bit justified I think since the person who hit her has been driving like a drunkard RIGHT IN OUR CAMPUS so most of us know how terrible a driver he is. But her mother came and the first thing she said to Prof Khairun was, "Mak Cik redha.."

Mind you, Falah is her only daughter and she just lost her husband around a year ago.

Yes, I'm sure some people would like to say, "Dah ajal dia.." But please hold your horses and DO NOT PUT THAT IN MY COMMENTS!

She was a nice girl and no one could've forseen what would happen. Sometimes, we're the ones who're careful, but others might not be so. We'll never know when or where our time is but we can only hope that when the time comes, we're ready to meet our Maker without any shame.

Al Fatihah to Fadilah a.k.a Falah. May she be among the blessed.



Hana Adieanna said...

Al-fatihah buat falah

Drama Mama said...


serious takut la ayu nak lintas jalan skang ni. just the other day, amin almost hit a lady yang lintas and berdiri kat tengah2 jalan...i thot he saw that lady tapi tah why he didn't. luckily sempat steer away.

from then on, i vowed not to lintas until i'm sure i can selamat cross to the other side. huhu

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ana: Thanx.. ade entry yg blum publish ni pasal kes ni.. nnt tgk la mlm nnt klau rajin nak publish

Bai: Thanx jugak.. tu la kan, sini pun, sy selalu tgk bdk sekolah lintas jln sesuke ati eventhough jejantas sebelah diorg jek.. cam mengong kan. Kang ape² jadi.. Innalillah