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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do I LOOK like one?

Though I don't have any constant guy in my life, I DO have 2 permanent Irfans in it..

One is my brother..

..and the other is my close friends son.

One is already 2 years old, the other will be 2 next month, same month as me ☺

One similarity though..

The past long weekend, I met both of them.

My brother, Irfan, cheeky! Ade ke he insisted on calling me Aunty Ayong the whole time. Penat tau ajo dia KAK YONG which he'd use for a minute before switching to the much preferred Aunty Ayong. Apa raaaaa adikku ini..

My future-boyfriend, Irfan (IF I still don't have any contant guy in my future hahah.. ngamuk Bai!) pulak, sbb dah lame tak jumpe and jarang pun jumpe, termalu² dia jumpe KAK AYU dia yg kiut-miut ni. And while I was busy teaching him to call me KAK AYU and his mother busy telling him to call me MAK CIK, he gave one look at me and suddenly blurted out, "AUNTY MOO!"


Hambik ko Ayu, suke sgt kumpul bende² lembu kannn.. or does he think I look like a cow?!?! *gasps*


Still.. Dude, do I look like an AUNTY?!?!?


Drama Mama said...

hahahaha...correction...he celled you AUNTY COW! ekekekekeke :-p

tak lah...u dun look like aunty, u just look like a very old kakak haha jgn mareee

mast@work said...

kak ayu, jika sudah aunty, katakan saja dong! ahahahaha

amy said...

waaaatttt,kakak???biaq betoi ayu nih :P

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hey sumer org.. selagi tak kawen, I'm a KAKAK okay =p