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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ayu yg kecik² dah pandai mengade haha..

Recently I came across old photos of us when we were smaller. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I pasted those phots in my FB account and received a lot of responses on them. The one I won't forget is from Ana when she asked, "Kenape semua baju same?"

At first I was astounded that she noticed. But then I found myself laughing at myself on the 'story behind the same sweaters'..

You see; me, Iwan and Adi are only a year apart each. Added to tha fact that both our parents were busy students when we were smaller, it made us quite close. Close enough that, though I always wanted a sister, I sometimes forgot I was a girl haha..

We always had the same clothes, with Mam and Abah buying us mostly Ladybirds unisex clothes (usually t-shirt and shorts combo) where mine would be pink while the boys (what we used to refer to Iwan and Adi.. even after Ikram and Iskandar came into the scene) would get any boy-coloured one (very biased kan my ayat haha..)

My most memorable one is my pink combo of side-striped shorts with matching striped t-shirts where mine was pink and grey, Iwan's red and blue and Adi's grey and navy. I think I have the picture somewhere..

Anyway, duirng the time we were to come back here, this sweater was almost famous amongst the Malaysian. I pun tatau nape.. Joe had one, Aizuddin had one too (I think) and almost every boy we knew had one so naturally, Iwan and Adi wanted one.

I took for granted the fact that I'd get what the boys got so imagine my suprise when Abah only bought it for the boys.. I just burst into tears!

It took a lot of pujuking on my parents part haha.. and even though in the end I stopped crying, I still felt left out but I chose to pretend it didn't matter (kecik² dah pandai berlakon kannn!) The boy would wear the sweater (it had a pictue of an aircraft in front) with our friends and I'd be so full with envy whilst I wore my seldom-worn skirts.

Still, one day Abah told me they had a suprise for me. Still sulking inside, I wasn't really looking forward to a suprise. Especially since it was only for me and not for the boys, somehow, it didn't feel right. Until..

Tadaaaa! I was so suprised in seeing that they had bought the same sweater for me in the end. Giler happy, Tuhan je yg tau..

..such that the next time it was time to take school pictures, the three of us decided to wear our sweaters proudly.

I didn't even feel like a boy in it even when most of the kids in school wearing the same sweater were boys hahah..

Mengade kan sy? Hehe.. ;p


Yours truly said...

kak yong, noticed tak kita mesti ambil gambar potrait kan? hahaha kenapa yer?
i wish we could go back to those days! huhuhu

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ayeen: Betul².. tp ni mmg gambo skolah kan.. I think you pun ade picture cam Adi tu kan? Pegang puppy tu jugak kan? Heheh..