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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PPKA Family Day 2010

So finally, I decided to get over with this entry haha..

A few Saturdays ago (Why can't I remember the date ahh?), we had a Family Day for the PPKA family.. okay, why that ayat sgt skema?!?!

This was actually the FIRST time I EVER participated in this event. From my first year right through my third and final year, sy tidak join! During my one year 'stint' as an RO pun, I tak join. My few years during masters pun I tak join and my first year doing PhD pun I tak join.. so why now?

Ntah, sy pun tatau. I did buy the ticket but never planned to go until Dayah told me they wanted to go check it out. Then, remembering that I no longer have noon classes on Saturdays, I thought, "What the heck?" Beats sleeping in (opsss) anyway..

..and suprisingly, I enjoyed every bit of it! Well, excluding a few things la, of course..

The day started with us lining up. Terase sedikit kebudakan di mase ini and was wondering, "I ditched my sleep-in for THIS?" Mau pulak the staff sumer were hanging around under the canopy.. *tetibe tak puas hati.. y?*

Then the current dean, Prof Hamidi gave the opening speech, VERY informal one at that ☺

..while mate semua org memerhatikan adiah² ini. Wondering which one will we win la kot!

Dan acara yg dinanti², senamrobik pagi bersama.. PM Dr Fauziah! Sgt fun hehe.. gelak tak berenti wpun gambo ini dikatekan latihan tarian Sumazau.

After that we had our breakfast sponsored by one of the cafes and everyone geared up for the games. Berikut ialah beberape gambo random diambil oleh the school camera dr pelbagai photographers. As seen earlier, the postgraduates were recognizable by our purple t-shirts. The Reds dipegang oleh 2nd year..

While the Greens were from 3rd year.

1st years were told to wear white, final year blue (?) while the staff wore their black staff t-shirts as seen on Dr Hamidi earlier in this entry. Then, the games started..

1st was Tiup Tepung for Gula². And here's Ramadhan doing his stuff for our team.

2nd one was Bawak Air Using Sponge Masuk Dlm Bottle. I actually entered this one haha.. tak sangke plak rase nak main but here's kak Win mewakili staff.

Then while these games were happening, the Futsal with Kain Pelikat Tournament was held at the adjecent field. The postgrad team cam takde gambo je but here's the staff team with (Clockwise from left standing) Zaini, Sham, Dr Hamidi, Zabidi, technician-baru-tatau-name, Fared and abg Mie

And then I suprisingly volunteered for another game haha.. the Pancing Bottle game. Kene gelak with Sha sbb, "Tadi bkn kak Ayu kate tanak main dah ke?" Here's Sha btw.. we got 2nd tauuuu! ☺☻☺

After that was the Sack Race. Now, it must be highlighted here, we postgrads didn't mind losing to the undergrads, but it was the staff that we couldn't lose to.. and the feelings went vice versa! Hahah, you should've seen Dr Hamidi taunting us. DR HAMIDI!! Who would've known he was so much fun hahah.. during the Sponge race, he actually took both our bottles while putting our team down hahah.. serious tak sangka he was THAT sporting! So here's a tribute to him.. in a sack! They won here..

The next one was the Tempurung Race. Here's Shahril giving pointers to Dr Choong on how to win the race, which the staff sadly lost after their tempurung broke.. yeayyy! But they would've lost anyway sbb despite the pointers, Dr Choong sgt la bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa with the tempurung. He was the first and by the time he reached the end of his turn, everyone else was on their third run. And there was Dr Hamidi bising² on the injustice of it while kak Sue and kak Iera menyokong dari belakang haha..

Then we had the Bowling Kelapa which bought bruises to my legs. I think we won this when compared to the staff hehe.. and here's Dr Azlin in his turn at it!

The highlight of it was of course the Tarik Tali. We, ehem², WON of course, with Zabidi and Zaini saying it wasn't fair since we had so many big foreigners on our team haha.. This is supposedly the postgrad team which I'm pretty sure only 2 played, the other 2 tu posing je lebey..

..and this is the Staff team. Berusaha sungguh² wpun kalah heheheh..

All in all, it was actually fun! I never thought I'd enjoy the day, even though I'm 'tanned' till today. We took pictures just to show that we got more hampers than the staff (Huduh tul la perangai bdk² postgrad nihhh!)

Not sure it I'd do it again.. but hey, maybe I would! ☺☻☺

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