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Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday kak Jah and Hurman

Uishhh.. berabuk sungguh blog sy ini..

Actually, due to a 'penyakit' I'm having right now, I haven't quite been myself. Thus, I keep composing entries in my head but once in front of the pc, everything goes 'blink' (Okay, not a dramatic sound effect I was hoping for!) Ishhh, makin teruk penyakit sy nihhhh..

I've got a few entries in line. My cookies class with Ila and the Family Day for our school which I didn't expect to enjoy (wpun petang tu diserang kembali penyakit kemurungan.. huh!). I've got the pictues and all, tp pemalas nye Ya Rabbi (bkn Ya Rabbi yg pemalas ye.. it ME!)

Nanti la kot.. bile la nak rajin! NNt dah basi baru nak buat entry ke sy ni?

Anyway, today is Hurman's birthday and smlm was kak Jah's. Both are staff of our school and to celebrate their birthday, as well as to experiment with the piping jelly I've been meaning to try for ages, I made this.. tadaaa!

Ye.. boring kot.. and a bit mengulang idea with the grass and stuff. Didn't turn out as I was hoping *kuciwaaa*. The piping jelly was something 'uncontrollable'. Tatau la if its like that or sbb sy yg tak pandai nak gune. A bit lawak though coz I didn't have time to ponder on the designs (as I usually do with butter cream and fondants) sbbnye the jelly just dripped, sy tak boleh nak control haha..

Takpe, experience kaaaannn..

And to kak Jah & Hurman.. eppy besday!

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