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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New year entry

*Actually this is an entry I started doing yesterday and palnned to finish today. It was whiny and full of self-pity and I was determined to finish it that way.. but then, today I was cheered up by some friends haha.. we've been doin some berbalas pantun for a few days now and I'm enjoying it so much that when I read through the entry yesterday, I felt quite ashamed of myself.. so this is a revised entry hahah.. giler byk sy kene padam!*

Oppsss.. I'm not too late for THAT yet, right?

Anyway, the previous new years found me laughing through everyone's FB status. My brother Adi even asked, if there was a message from FB that told everyone to update their new year status.. kill joy kan!

One of my friend, Amin, had put this on his status: happy new decade... another one before the life may begin~?

I frowned before realizing he was talking about the infamous 'Life begins at forty' and realized: I'm actually entering my 4th decade this year! (Okay, this is a one-time confession that I'm turning 30 this year.. lepas ni I'm back to telling people I'm 16!)

How time flies huh.. pejam celik pejam celik dah berdekad² dah hidup dlm dunia ni kan?

So yes, yesterdays entry was a long and winding one full of regrets and a bit of hatred maybe.. but today, the only thing I wanna say is, I hope this new decade for me brings me a lot of great suprisee.. good ones!

The last decade also gave me a few suprises.. bad ones! And I was actually full of hope at the beginning of it.. ye la, being in your 20s, anything seems possible. Dreams seemed reachable. But this time around, I'm wiser (I hope!) I won't have any high hopes, but I'll still maintain a level of it, just so I can enjoy the gift of life.

So here's to a better 30s hahaha.. (NOT that I'm thirty yet, okay!)

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