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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another birthday in PPKA ~ Kak Iyra

Wahh.. another birthday in school.. kali ni kak Iyra pulak!

I've known her for almost 8 years now eversince I was in my final year. Me, kak Wahid and Arif would go cycling every afternoon, then we'd go buy food at her stall while chatting with her and her husband, abg Abby. Now she's working in my school so I get to see her every working day ☺

Tatau la brape umo kak Iyra ni haha.. and even if I ask, not gonna put it here right?

Anyway, last school holiday, I found out she was Ina's (Sarina Md Bashah) cousin-in-law. Hahah, and to think that I had to give her a white lie coz I REALLY had to go to Ina's kenduri thus miss this workshop. I told kak Iyra, 'Ade kenduri sedare kt BM'.. and to my suprise, the actual sedare of Ina was kak Iyra.. adoihh, kantoi!

Anyway, wishing a very happy birthday to kak Iyra ☺☻☺

Nape Good Girl ye? Heheheh.. tu rahsia kak Iyra and Ina je.. sy pun tatau!

And leftover telah diletakkan my signature yg my student tau sgt. Even if I give this to them anonymously, diorg musti tau sape hehe..

Yg nak tergelak tu, if I don't pun this in their book after marking, siap ade yg claim balik takde smiley haha.. and ade jugak yg dah form 5 pun tak gaduh sape nye smiley lagi byk.. aiiii la, mane la sy tak sayang budak² ni ☺

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