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Saturday, July 14, 2007

..:'( Pt.2

There are some people in this world, who could hurt me and make me sad and wonder what did I do wrong.. usually, these are the closest people.. maybe family or close friends, or people I think of as my family too..

However, there's this other type people who could hurt me and make me cry and sad and all that. But instead of making me wonder what did I do wrong.. in the end, they just make me plain pissed off. I mean, REALLY pissed-off-and-wishing-I-could-piss-on-you type of pissed off. This group usually consists of people I'm not even close too.. but once in a while, a certain family member would pop up in this group, and believe me, this is NOT the first time!

During school, I was known to ALWAYS talk about my siblings to the extend my friends sometimes feel as if they know who my siblings are. I, as everyone else, love my siblings to bits and as all of us know, the reason to have a sibling is to love and be mad at whenever it suits us.. but this siblings seemes to have tipped the scale in the unfavourable side more often than not and right now, I really am mad at him.

For starters, let read what my dear brother wrote in his blog --> here

FYI, the person he's writing about is ME!

Wow! I feel sooooooooooooo honoured to be featured in his blog that I might just pay a tribute to him too in MY blog.

But lets just say, I'm not gonna give him the satisfaction of it.. But yes, though he is trying to degrade me (Know what! He has MY friends reading his blog.. and this is actually stupid coz unlike him, MY FRIENDS know me! Just like what he said about me not knowing about him like HIS friends know him.. yeah right, just for the record, I know his friends AND guys who weren't in his circle too.. and yes, I have an image of who he really was at school so don't talk about being a legend la.. you were a lagend, I guess, but imfamously and haha, you KNOW it.. so I won't really tell everyone how much of a lagend I was, if I were you la!), I think I have a few things to say..

Hmm.. lets see, when Mama and Abah were off to hajj, the leader of the house was supposed to be him, NOT me. But would any of us look up to him? Na-ah! Sorry naik lorry kate budak sekolah rendah.. Only those in our household KNOW why.. Not many people know of this story, I've only told them to one or two people, I guess, and I never really thought of saying it to other people.. but right this moment, I DO have some things to clarify..

He sure had a lot of activites.. what activities, don't ask me. But PFS is only half an hour away from home, one hour tops and he'd arrive home at 11 or 12pm.. go figure! I never questioned his activities, as long as he's home when I wanna go to bed was enough for me as well, I've known him for so long, and even if I don't really know him, I know what pushes his button and what doesn't.. and apparently, he thought I was stupid enough to believe his school activites ended at 10.00pm (yeah right..!) so I just let him believe that I trusted him.

And oh, yeah, right! About his female seniors from a religious school (cakap je la AlMashoor (P)) calling him 'sissy'.. let just say one thing, at school, I'm not a 'lagend' like he claims to be in his school but I'm not actually a nobody in mine. Still, my relationship with my seniors weren't as close as my relationship with my juniors, therefore, what the hell would I be doing telling everyone I had a sissy brother? Tak ke itu hanye mamalukan diri saya sendiri (and just FYI, I never called him a 'sissy', never even THOUGHT he was one *wonder how come dia terase sendiri? Haha*.. he's the one who loves to use that on Ikram coz Ikram never fought back whenever he hit Ikram)

Hey, I know those girls he were talking about. Cute seniors at my school (and he has this weakness for cute people, pursuing them cam hape even if they were 3-4 years older than him.. once even pursued my own friend.. cett!) so I guess dia yang terase coz those seniors DON'T EVEN KNOW I EXIST! Bongok tul la adik aku ni.. nak wat citer pun, investigate la the facts dulu!!! Haaa, kan dah kuar 'aku'..

This person is gonna pay for the humiliation and ‘the damage’ done. <-- banyak cantik muke hang! You digged your own grave.. but we'll come to that later

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