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Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 more days to go :)

2 more days to go. I've finalized the plans with kak Shima.. or thought so last night.

We had planned to go for McDs for breakfast after Subuh (tak pose la saye hehe..) then head to Queensbay to Borders and pick up kak Shima's book.. and plush owl *envious here*. This was because, the last time we went to pick up Harry Potter's at the Popular Book Store in Megamal, weh ad to wait until 11.ooam (and we had arrived around 9.00am) as we didn't know what time it was opened. I had actually dreaded picking up my book here at that time as Baizurah was already starting on the book while we were waiting..

However, this year, since I didn't know where else to pick up the book, I thought, "What the heck!", I still get the book anyway. Still, felt a bit envious (cam budak²) when I knew kak Shima would get Hedwig.. I'll only be getting a Harry Potter t-shirt.. but thats better than nothing, huh?

Anyway, we had planned to go to Megamal after Queensbay to pick up my book. However, just now, the lady form Popular called me and told me there would be a launching of the book at Megamal in front of Starbucks starting at 7.00am. And guess what, all guest would be treated to a McDs breakfast.. yeayyy!!! Morever, I could also just pick up my book there, instead of going inside :) :) :)

Huhu, kene pujuk kak Shima ni amik my book first! :D <--cam susah skit kot, we both wanna get our books FIRST! :D

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