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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally :)

Yeay, I’ve finished the book!!! :) :) :)

Yup, finally finished the book I was waiting for! Of course, I still had my class, but I didn’t carry out my initial plan to give the kids some tests so I can read the book peacefully in class.. sgt keji la if I do that, huh? Though I have to admit, the thought DID cross my mind a couple of times hehe..

I’ll come to the book later. What I’d like to say is that the so-called draft I had received is nonsense. No wonder I felt like calling it a bogus script on my last entry. I regret not reading it earlier as I was afraid I’d spoil the book for me. Turned out, I’m now looking forward to reading the so-called draft I have, just to see the story from another J.K. Rowling wannabe’s point of view.

Anyway, I arrived at kak Shima’s house around 8.45pm as I had prayed and ate an apple for my bukak puase first, at home. Then I had gotten lost at Bandar PERDA haha.. explaining why a 40-minute jouney turned out to be a more-than-an-hour journey.

When I arrived, clutching my overnight bag, sling bag, telekung bag and giraffe (the only bedmate I managed to hold on to as I was rushing outta the house haha.. sib baik, if I managed to hold on to more, tak ke haru! I only realized it in the lift as the girl who was in the lift kept looking at me curiously haha..), I noticed this man looking at me. He seemed familiar and at last I noticed it was Cik Wan, Abah’s cousin. I had known that he was no longer living in Penang Island, but I didn’t know he was in the same block as kak Shima. Salam with him then promised to go meet him and Mak Cik Bada later that night as kak Shima was laready waiting for me.

At kak Shima’s house, I only managed to go to the toilet before we rushed out. Kak Shima wanted to take me to Laksa Shack at Sunway Carnival (betul ke name ni?). Had a great meal of Nasik Kerabu Ayam Percik (Oooohh, lame dah tak makan nasik.. asyik tak sempat je..) while kak Shima had some lakse Johor that was yummy! Then she ordered roti jala, served with 5 roti jala and a small bowl of chicken curry with two medium sized chicken pieces. The curry was exactly like what our mother’s would’ve cooked, showing that they’re not ‘cheap’ on the spices but then again, that whole plate was priced at RM7.90, so they SHOULD cook it deliciously like that, right?

For the first time in days, my jeans felt snug haha.. Then we went to Carrefour, just to check on the book promotion there. Satisfied (only the first 100 customers would get the orange paper bag, while we were confirmed of getting it.. but turned out not as nice as Half-Blood Prince punye paper bag), we went to buy some things to munch on before heading back to kak Shima’s. Then I went to Cik Wan’s apartment which was exactly four floors beneath kak Shima’s for the promised visit and only went back upstairs when it was nearly 12.00.

I couldn’t sleep that night, maybe outta excitement or maybe.. well, maybe coz of something else. The last time I looked at the watch, it was nearly 4.00am and the next thing I knew, my alarm was ringing at the set time of 5.55am. Kak Shima was already awake, finishing her report she was supposed to submit before 8.ooam. Performed my Subuh prayers then took a shower and got ready. We arrived in front of Megamal around 7.15am and a short line was already formed. I took my place and was smiling to myself while remembering how we had rushed to be the first when we picked up the last book. I must’ve been around the 20th person or something but the workers were busily taking photographs of everyone.

When it was my turn, I excitedly signed the form and paid my balance. However, I was disappointed when I received the adult’s version as I had ordered the children’s version. When I insisted that I had ordered the children’s version, the salesperson explained that since my name was in the adults version list, I had to take it.. so, sighing a bit (but still happy for getting my own copy), I just accepted it along with the orange paper bag (the Half Blood prince was prettier), the HP t-shirt and a RM5 voucher (yeayyy!).

Then, we headed off to Borders in QBay. It was already open by then but kak Shima didn’t get the orange paper bag. Thankfully, her plush owl was still around heheh.. I had noticed this box containing wrapped gifts and asked the guy at the counter what was it for. Turned out, they had prepared some gifts for people who came dressed up as HP characters (Yeah right.. that’ll be the day! This is Malaysia la, dude! Duhhhh..)

Kak Shima received this voucher. 10% off, I think, so we wandered along the store to find other interesting books. Hahah.. huge mistake here! We were holding THE book so of course no other book could hardly catch our attention. So instead, kak Shima bought this pair of keychains and gave me one for my belated birthday present while she took the other one. Mine wore a light blue sweater while hers wore a dark blue one. I thanked her but was flabbergasted at how pricey it was.. gile ke keychain harge camtu? Haha.. but what do you expect from it kan.. still, its cute :) Thanx kak Shima..

Then, after that, we went to McD Sunway for some breakfast, kak Shima’s treat again. Untung kawan ngan orang keje Intel ni kot ye hahahah.. Sowi kak Shima, just kidding.. but really, thanx a LOT ! You were a great hostess :)

Anyway.. truth is, I wanted to write my own review of the book but I don’t think I have the time yet (Baizurah’s gonna kill me hahah.. but I like Soraya’s review) so I guess I’ll put that in another entry..

Btw, here's a picture of both our books and the gifts we received hahah.. Ayu cam poyo :D

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