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Thursday, July 12, 2007


You know, I was driving along back from the main campus this noon, and maybe I was feeling a bit off and upset.. maybe! Then, as my mind was pondering on some thoughts, I noticed the sky turning grey and before long, the pitter patter of rain was seen across my windshield. I know, this is a normal scenario, but I suddenly remembered what abg Fadzil had told me..

"Ayu, hang tau dak satu benda? Aku boleh tau mood hang dengan senang ja.."

"Macam mane?"

"Klau mendung ja kat luaq, hang pun mendung laaa.. tak caya, cuba hang tengok!"

(This was around the time I WAS quite mendung for quite some time)

..and I found myself smiling haha! Yeah right, if I could just control the weather using my mood, huh? Hehe..

Anyway, on a lighter note, lets talk about the convo :D

Got an offline message from Soraya excitedly talking about her convo with Tan Sri Razali, whom she had written about in her blog a few entries ago (few ke?). As for me, I get to go on stage on the first day of USM's Convo, on the 15th of August this year (Baizurah, nak bungaaaaa.. :p. I'm not just saje² writing about this hehe..)

Truth is, I haven't really been looking forward to this year's convo as only me and Erwan would be from the Civil Eng. school for the research mode. Han and Quazzi, though supposedly graduating with us have gone back to their respective countries and have already told us they won't be coming for the ceremony..

Looking back on my convo for my degree, it was more exciting. The preparation and the day itself was superb and I went thorugh the few pictures I had scanned --> here (up there is a picture of me on my 1st convo, btw!). I guess it was not only because it was our first convo, but also because we were graduating with friends (all 800 of them from the engineering campus) from our own batch whom we've ate and slept with for 3 years. This time though, I had thought I'd be graduating alone.. :(

I didn't even search for an appropriate baju (haha, compared to the 1st convo where we were spoilt for choice) and haven't even went to look for proper shoes (takkan nak pakai sandal kot!). For my 1st convo, I even took nearly two months preparing the gifts for my friends, prefering the personal touch to bought items (thats why it took so long haha..) but this time, I haven't even listed down (ceh, if only me and Erwan graduating, who else am I supposed to list down.. and since I'm not close to Erwan, cam konvo sensorg je laa..) compared to every year doing it for my juniors :D

However, this morning, when I went for Dr Farhan's signature, while going through the forms he was supposed to sign, he asked me..

"Baju konvo dah beli?"

..which I didn't answer at first but just laughed at thinking how I haven't even thought about it. The thought lingered all through my time at the IPS, where I went to after seeing him, but by the time I left the IPS, as I said, I was feeling a bit upset, I guess so my mind abandoned the thought..

Then, after the rain thingey I talked about earlier, I went to Queensbay to pick up something I had ordered and since it was still early for lunch at home, decided to just walk around. To my suprise, most gift shops were already selling gifts for graduation.. well, the graduation 'season' IS coming up anyway.

I've always loved gifts, be it receiving them or giving them and I found myself drawn to these shops, mentalling ticking away names and gifts AND PRICES (tu tak leh la lupa kaaan hehe.. kang lari budget baru tau!) and before long, I found myself more in the spirit of graduating than I've been for months.. especially when finally realizing, this year, I'm actually not gonna be graduating alone.. yeay!!!

Back home, I told Mama about the date of my convo and another yeay here when I pouted saying I didn't have any shoes, she asked me if I wanted her to buy them hahah.. Ayu sangat jahat! :)

Even Ikram was looking forward to it, but was a bit worried if he didn't get a workleave on that particular day..

So now, I guess I am looking forward to my convo.. at least a bit la :)

Hmm.. but lets see what'll happen in the next few days, huh :) :) :)

Salimin and Falha had given me this piece of cloth for my birthday and maybe, if I still don't have time to search for one, this would be my baju (maybe?).. one thing though, its nearly the same colour as the baju I wore for my first convo.. :D

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