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Monday, February 27, 2006

About a crush?

My status yesterday bought along many questions from some people. Those who knew it just laughed and told me to stop being so obvious haha.. What was my YM status anyway?

'MBC.. MBC.. MBC.. MBC.. MBC.. MBC.. MBC.. '

No wonder la hehe.. anyway, suddenly kak Zai asked me what MBC meant and I was so surprised (and embarrassed) that I told her a little white lie. Just a tiny one, saying I was teasing my friend. But I was truthful enough to tell her it meant MY BIG CRUSH though at first I said it meant Mat Bala Chandran :-) So to those who still dunno and think its an acronym of someone's name, there, I've told you what it really stands for.

So talking about crushes, she was trying to write a poem (sajak bodo are her exact words though I don't find it bodo) and I asked her to send me the poem once she finishes it. So here it is..

If fixation is a must
this obsession never last
It originates from the deficient of trust
and that seeking sweet feeling of a rush

there is no fine line between a harmless crush
And being a total maudlin foolish lass
But it must last
And indeed it must last
If one can see there is no point of the kind of crush

Or is it a mere test
the lass must able to pass
Control over the mushiness she must
Or can it be minimised and let be passed
nevertheless deal with it she must

When will the age be not twenty three
When will the age be not one three
When will the age finally reach its thirty
And when the age comes around finally

Ought she must to be thrifty
Behaves to the best of being thirty
Consider her responsibility
As lass soon will turn into a lady
Crush must last as she is approching fourty!

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