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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tayar ku pancit..

I went to see Ikram just now. He seems to have adapted to his renewed life as a student and he looked happy when telling me about his classes and all that. I'm happy for him and I really hope he studies well. He even told me of his plan to continue for the second level and for that, I'm really thankful to God for making my brother realize how important education is.

After saying goodbye to him, I headed straight home to pray and watch tv before going to the pasar malam with my new housemate, kak Sufi. While waiting for kak Sufi to get ready, I waited outside the house. It was then that I noticed somthing wrong with my car and to my dismay, I realized that I had a punctured tyre. Frustnye! However, since I still wanted to go to the pasar malam, we went there first.

We walked to the pasar malam (and I saw MBC there pakai baju biru gak haha <--Ayu sudah gila!) and for a while I forgot about my flat tyre. However, the sight of my car when we came back reminded me of the tyre and it was then that I started calling around, asking for assistance. Help came in the form of my ex-housemate, kak Kathy and her husband!

Terharunya rasa when kak Kathy came in the middle of the rain eventhough I told her it was ok and it was raining! She promised to come that night once the rain had stopped and though I told her not to, she still came with Shidi. Dekat pukul 10 pulak tu.. Shidi helped to change the tyre (more like he did all the work la) and adviced me on my tyres semua tu lah. They went to fill my (also) flat spare tyre with air at Petronas before once again coming to my house to finish up the job. Kesian Shidi, sampai luka² tangan..

After the tyre was changed, they were ready to go home. It was already late so they declined the offer to have some tea and they jokingly asked me to belanja them whenever I was free.. to compensate thier time spent on me haha..

In a way, malu pun ada. Kacau a husband and wife tengah² malam just to change my tyre. But on the other hand, they made me realize that, though I've always felt alone (and I was a bit pissed-off with SOME people that night!) eversince kak Kathy and kak Shima moved, I'll always have them nearby and the friendship bond is still as strong as it was once upon a time ago. And hahah, I guess I'll always be the 'adik' of us all.. who's always stuck into trouble and seems to have a knack in attracting them :-)

To kak Kathy and Shidi, THANK YOU!

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