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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Quite pissed-off!

I'm offally mad (British accent please!!)

And upset..

Most of you who know me will also know that I've been searching for housemates since November last year. My former housemates kak Kathy and kak Shima have moved to greener pastures (Kak Kathy got married-- lucky her! While kak Shima is now working in INTEL) so I was left all alone since December. While searching for housemates, I made sure that I made it clear of certain things.

I only wanted two housemates. 1 for each room.. I mean, c'mon la, we're not undergraduates anymore to lived cramped in one house and besides, I've been so used to this minimum number of housemates. Our house is at the junction of the road so a minimum number of cars is best and won't interfere with the traffic and I'M SURE I MADE IT CLEAR! Thats not to forget that the landlord also didn't want too many people in her house. I mean she's right, 'banyak sangat orang, banyak sangat ragam nye nanti!'

Two weeks ago, one of my housemates cheerfully came back and told me she'd already asked her friend to move in with us. I was shocked that she didn't consult with us first and just did what she wanted to do. Though I was a bit annoyed, I just kept my mouth shut and told her that we'd have a problem of parking (we already have two Kancils and one Atos and its already crowded! Tu keter kecik je tu..) since her friend uses a Wira or Iswara but she shrugged it off saying, Pandai² la kita nanti! Nak je cakap, yang kak **** pandai² ajak orang tu kenapa?

Another thing is, all of us go to work at nearly the same time so the bathroom is a place where 'first come, first serve' is applied, especially since we have only ONE bathroom (except if anybody WANTS to bathe in the toilet la, then only I'd count it as two!). Hey, we've had this problem before but me, kak Kathy and kak Shima have found ways to go round it. However, with the addition of these people, some of us are going to have to wake up EXTRA early just to use the bathroom and from the looks of it, some people are going to make sure THEY get bathroom privelleages since I'm already hearing excuses of having workplaces that are much more far away than ours. I mean, kalau ye pun, why can't it be that you guys are the ones who wake up early? Klau tak pun, "Go and find your own bloody place la!"

Since I didn't want to prolong the issue, I just kept quiet and somehow, nearly forgot about it. However, yesterday I was really upset. Once again she came cheerfully to me and told me that her friend had asked another friend to come stay with us and I sudenly felt so pissed-off, I wanted to say, "To the hell la all of you!"

Okay la, I'm being a bit harsh here!

She explained that since her friend was moving in, her friend's housemate didn't want to live alone and had decided to move in too. I was like, who the hell do you think you are to make decisions like that? I mean, you didn't even pay me for the deposite of the house and now you're acting as if you own the house, making decision WITHOUT consulting me or Elie! Mangkuk ayun yang bangang! <-- Sorry, but I'm not erasing those words!

My first reaction was to ask her, Ingat ni hostel ke? However, the konon² sensibile part of me just kept quiet while trying to hide my suprise and annoyance. Once she went out, I was already mutering words I don't normally use in everyday conversation and today, it seems my favourite word is, "BANGANG!"

I tried to sleep my temper away last night and avoided my housemate and her friend. However, waking up for Subuh this morning, my temper just rised even more when I saw about TEN BAGS (maybe I'm exaggerating!) cluttered in the laundry area. Thats not to mention an addition of dirty plates piled up in the sink and left on the table.


I'm losing my temper in a dangerous speed!

And to think that I accepted her because she was a friend of a close friend! Aaaaargghh, I should have accepted someone else (btw, three other people had wanted to move in with me, two who are my friends, but since this girl had asked first, I felt obliged to accept her.. besides, what would kak Ana say? However, I do feel she's taking advantage over the fact that I accepted her because of kak Ana..)

Btw, anyone interested in having TWO (or maybe THREE if the other girl comes) new housemates? I'll gladly give mine away..

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