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Thursday, February 16, 2006


I have this routine: After lunch, me and my colleagues would go to the Kedai Mahasiswa (KM) for some tid-bits to take upstairs and to munch when we're sick of the computer haha..

So as usual, after eating some nasik lemuni (yummy!), me and kak sue went to KM for our daily dose of Bang Pek (nickname for the coverted Apek whose in charge of KM). Now, the two cashiers of KM are two sweet girls whom we've grown quite close too, since we frequently go there (tp, ape eh nama diorg? Sorang Shakirah.. yang sorang lagi tak tau pulak saya nama dia!).

Whenever I buy more than one item, I'll always claim that there's an offer. For example, if I buy a note book a bar of chocolate, I'll always say that there's an offer over there that states :Buy one note book, FREE a bar of chocolate! Err, something to that effect la kan.. We always laugh at my cheap way of joking (haha, bukan pandai buat lawak pun!) but I always make sure they know that I'm joking.

However, just now, while paying, I played my usual game of telling them that my chocolate was a free gift when suddenly Bang Pek boomed from behind the cashier, "Nak barang free ye?"

Note: Muka Bang Pek sangat garang!

Mak oiii.. terkejut teman! I suddenly felt embarrassed that Bang Pek had heard what I was joking about and I stammered while trying to explain that I was just joking. He looked at me straight in the eye and told me to wait there and I wanted the floor to swallow me up right there and then. I was already looking at kak Sue, mouthing the words, "Tolong la saya!" at her while she was also rooted on the spot.

When Bang Pek came back, I expected him to come with a broom or something (influenced by Lat's cartoons about chasing someone with batang penyapu!) but he came with a box and asked me who else had come with me. I quickly pointed to kak Sue and to my suprise, he gave us two bowls, saying that he had extra stock of these bowls for a purchase of apentah..

Whew!! Lega.. ingat nak kena marah dah tadi.. I thanked him and quickly walked out of KM, bursting with laughter once we were outta eyesight of Bang Pek!

Still, I resolve to NEVER joke about getting freebies again! Malu weihh..

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