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Friday, October 14, 2005

A tale of the twitching eye

My right eye has been twitching almost all the time since 2 nights ago, and I'm really irritated now!

It happened two nights ago (I THINK la its two nights ago, might be earlier), while I was preparing to go to bed. Suddenly my right eye was twitching. Normally I would've ignored it, I mean, all of us know that sometimes our muscles have this sudden urge to go all funny, right! But it came back after 10 minutes, and continued to keep coming at constant intervals (I feel like I'm writing a paper on traffic engineering here) until I fell asleep half-thinking of it as an early sign of a stroke. Yup, it worried me to sleep, tapi kire ok la, takde la sampai tak bleh tido hahah..

The next morning, guess what was the first sensation I felt--> yup! My twitching eye. This time I was REALLY worried. It would twitch once in a while, but constant enough to make my mind go back to the stroke theory. Don't ask me why I kept thinking of it as an early sign of a stroke, I mean, I'm still 25 la.. muda lagi! But somehow, I only thought of S.T.R.O.K.E!

Back at the office, I told kak sue of my 'plight'. I was really starting to panic now. However, she turned my worries into this great burst of laughter when she said, "Orang tua² kata, kalau mata kanan bergerak, maknanya ada la orang yang kita bakal nak tengok tu!" Hahah.. ada ka? Then Man added other old wives tales of the twitching eye and before long, I was laughing at the absurdity (ade ke perkataan camni?) of it all. Heheh, takde scientific explanation of all that la.. but it was fun to listen anyway!

Last night, I expressed my worries to kak Shima and kak Zai but they assured me that nothing was wrong. However, kak Kathy suggested that if I was still worried, I'd better go give a visit to the doctor, and really, maybe she's right. Problem is, I don't really have the time to go to the specialist, and what if its nothing? The doctor would probably laugh his head off seeing me worrying over it..

Still, I'm worried! It still hasn't stopped though its getting more seldom now. Any suggestions?

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